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Two Mothers of Autistic Children Share Stories to Raise Awareness

Maria Box and Trish Duffy, Crawley, UK– are both full time carers to their autistic children. Both are calling for better awareness and acceptance of autism. Both mothers stress the importance of early intervention. They have both decided to share their own experiences in order to raise awareness. Maria Box, 27 of Pound Hill is […]

Alison Neil, Parent Carer from Glasgow

Alison Neil lives with Paul, her partner of 17 years and their 4 children. Liam 14 and twins Erin and Aiden 11 are on the Autistic spectrum. Anthony 3 does not have a diagnosis of Autism but Alison told us that Autism is always at the back of her mind. Alison contacted Autism Daily Newscast […]

Sam Trapnell an Autistic Young Man from Georgia uses his Love of Reading to Help Children

  Sam Trapnell 21, Ringgold, Georgia – is at present unable to find paid work but is using his love of reading to help children. Sam volunteers at Catoosa County Library in Ringgold and Barnes & Noble at Hamilton Place. At both venues he sits and reads to children. His mother Jayne Trapnell is reported […]

Karen Irvani, Founder of Banbury based ‘Parents Talking Asperger’s’ group

Karen Irvani from Banbury, UK – Founded and is Principle of Parents Talking Asperger’s group. Karen set up the Facebook group in February 2012 and since then it has trebled in size. The first group meeting of 20 people was held in her sitting room. Today there is an average of 60 people attending the […]

Tim Crosley from Wimbledon raises £10,000 for the National Autistic Society

Tim Crosley is a lawyer from Wimbledon, UK and conducted a Christmas Carol Concert at St Clement Danes Church on the Strand in Westminster, London on December 4. Mr Crosley as well as being a lawyer also acts as Director for the EC4 Music group which consists of 120 singers. During the events he was […]

Mike Brannigan, An Autistic High Schooler from Long Island Runs 5K in 15 Minutes

Mike Brannigan from Long Island, New York is currently in High School and will be running in the Nike Cross National in Portland, Oregon, after he ran a 5k run in 15 minute, 29.9 seconds. Mike was diagnosed with Autism at 18 months and his family told Business Insider that he was non-verbal, hyperactive and […]

Sandra Bloe from Hastings, East Sussex, Founder of ASD Bright Ideas

‘ASD Bright Ideas – we understand autism… because we are a family with a child on the autistic spectrum we understand the challenges and rewards that you face on a daily basis.’ Sandra Bloe from Hastings, East Sussex UK has 2 daughters, her youngest daughter Tanya, 17, is on the autistic spectrum and has a […]

Campbell Main from Somerset, founder of Pride of Autism Somerset, is awarded for services to the Autistic community

Campbell Main from West Huntspill founded the group Pride of Autism Somerset to support people with autism. He believes that receiving such a prestigious award will help him to promote its important work. Mr Main has been awarded the Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Chairman’s Award for 2013. Stephen Ladyman who is the Trusts Chairman […]

Autistic teenager Manny Dedmon, from Texas, is at the heart of the Birdville football team

North Richland Hills, Texas. – Birville football team are proud to include Manny as a team player. Ted Madden who interviewed friends and family about the autistic teenager was told that his smile is what sets him apart. Manny is not just seen as a ‘token gesture’ he is very much a valued member of […]

Young man with Autism appeals to Obama for access to higher education, finds own way

Billy Pagoni is a 21 year-old man with severe autism who dreams of becoming a sous chef. His parents searched for a program that could accommodate his special needs, but were unsuccessful. In April, 2012, Billy posted a video to his Facebook account to share his dilemma with President Obama. He says, “Dear President Obama, […]

Insights into Autism with Paddy-Joe Moran

Autism inside Out – the prison and freedom of routine

I’m staring at a stray jigsaw piece on the carpet. Maybe I should pick it up and put it in the box with the others, but once again I don’t. The truth is I’ve looked at that jigsaw piece a few times now and each time I’ve left it there. It won’t be joining the […]

Parent’s Corner

Junior Year ‘To Do’ List Ideas

It’s so unfair. I didn’t even sign up for anything. Suddenly our phone is ringing off the hook and our mail is filled with advertisements. What happened? Our daughter entered her junior year in high school. Now every company out there who has a program to help students do better on ACT and SAT tests […]

Exploring Autism

Autism and Elimination Diets – Join the Food Detectives

Diets.   Do you flinch when you hear that word?   There’s no need to – it’s time consuming but certainly not impossible. Gluten and casein free (GF/CF) diets are often mentioned in relation to autism and yet some professionals are still skeptical about them.  But despite that people from all walks of life suffer from those intolerances too – […]

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