Puppy love: Dating lesson for autistic teenagers

Fathoming the whims and wiles of the opposite sex is never easy for any adolescent boy, so spare a thought for autistic teenagers facing that same task, but, they can take heart with the help of a new technique. Joel Shaul, a specialist in mental health services for children and young people, has come up […]

The Big Bang Controversy: Is Sheldon Autistic?

With the recent confirmation that The Big Bang Theory will be starting Season 7, the big speculation is “What is Penny’s last name?” However, since it first aired in September 2007 on CBS, viewers have questioned whether or not Sheldon (Jim Parsons) is meant to be portrayed as autistic in the comedy TV series. The viewers’ autism-question […]

iPad Apps Improve Classroom Experience

iPad apps are positively changing how children socialize, learn, and communicate in the classroom. At Rawlson Road Middle School, in Rock Hill South Carolina, teacher Stacy Hunter’s middle school class learns about positively relating to others – in this case, tolerance of other students’ intolerance with them.  Hunter’s students used their iPads, in a collaborative […]

Autism Basics: Gestures and the accompanying mental state of autism

Do you ever see that person in the shopping mall flailing their arms running towards someone.  It used to frighten me sometimes, before I understood  what was going on. I remember years  ago at the shopping mall, suddenly the person started running towards someone and began hitting them with a barrage of blows.  My first […]

Come meet KASPAR the social robot at Autech 2015

About A call to action to the autism community: Why we must all champion assistive technology by Jane Carolan, Wirral Autistic Society As director of client services for a regional autism charity I’m frequently asked if we can use assistive technology to reduce support hours and costs. But assistive technology isn’t just about cost reduction, […]

Finding strength through the struggle

I saw this quote several months ago, and it hit me. It touched something in my soul. I immediately wrote it down in my journal, and then wrote my own words underneath. This whole mothering thing is a tough job. It’s a constant battle of knowing what to do and when to do it. When to say a […]

“The Fire Alarm Went Off Again! Fire Alarms and the Autism Spectrum”

I remember the day like it was yesterday: November 13, 2013.  It was the day my life changed; not for the better, not necessarily for the worse.  It just changed.  It was the day my youngest son, Micah, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Since Micah was very young, my wife, Teresa, and I noticed […]

Taking Action to End the Stigma of Autism through Pop Culture Webisodes

For decades, the message has been ‘awareness’ for autism, and in the past few years the community has been speaking out and saying it’s time for ‘acceptance.’ But saying it isn’t enough. We have use whatever resources we personally have to offer and take actionable steps for change to happen. I met James about a […]

Media perceptions of Asperger’s and violent crime is misinformed

Editor’s Note: Autism Daily Newscast chose not to report on last week’s shooting in Oregon as we felt it was not important to publicize this tragedy to the autism community. We waited to see how mainstream media would report it. Initially we were glad to see the focus on gun control. Unfortunately, once again media is perpetuating false […]


Once a month like clockwork I receive a text from my son’s school that they have performed their monthly lockdown drill.  This text is to inform me that it is just a drill and I have no need to be concerned. Except that I am.  As this is just another reminder of how much my […]