About Alix Strickland

Alix Strickland, BCaBA is an applied behavior specialist and founder and director of the Le Chemin ABA VB Learning Center for children with autism and other special needs in Paris, France. She is known as the « Green Behavior Specialist » because she uses natural cleansers and organic foods at her center in addition to making a lot of her own DIY, upcycled therapy materials. She coaches families and professionals in using ABA and Verbal Behavior strategies in France and abroad. Her website is www.lecheminaba.com.

Sign Language and Individuals with ASD

Adapted sign language can be a very valuable tool when teaching non-verbals learners on the autism spectrum to communicate functionally. For non-verbal children on the autism spectrum, the signs that are put in place are « adapted signs » meaning they are based on American or British sign language signs but made simpler. This may involve teaching […]

Children with autism and managing Halloween treats

It is Halloween in two days and many children go trick-or-treating with the aim to collect as much candy as possible. This poses several risks for children on the autism spectrum and leads parents to wonder how they can offer their children a fun and healthy Halloween. Many children with autism follow limited diets. Some […]

Children with ASD and Dressing Up for Halloween

Parents of children with autism often want their children to take part in the Halloween tradition along with their neuro typical peers. According to one typically developing five year old I interviewed named Kate, « Halloween is the best holiday of the year ! » A big part of Halloween is dressing up. However, while parents of neuro […]

Helping Individuals with Autism Communicate Using Sign Language

This is the first in a series about using sign language to  help individuals with autism communicate functionally. A characteristic feature of an autism diagnosis is impaired functional communication. Children with autism often develop language later and some do not develop language at all. Of those who do begin using verbal language, many fail to […]

ASkate Skateboarding Event for Children with Autism in Paris

Music blared and families were everywhere with their children eagerly awaiting their turn to hop on a skateboard at the Askate skateboarding event at the Vans Showdown in Parc de la Vilette on August 31. After speaking  with founder Crys Worley, Autism Newscast reporter, Alix Strickland, headed to the Parc de la Vilette Vans showroom […]

Back to School: Autism and the Benefits of Visual Schedules

School has now started and children are adjusting to their new classrooms and new classroom routines for the past few weeks. This is an exciting and challenging time for all children. It may be particularly challenging for children on the autism spectrum. The American Autism Society reminds us: “Transitions are often difficult for individuals on […]

Helping Children with Autism Learn to Eat with Tom Caffrey

Tom Caffrey, M.Ed, BCBA, international trainer and speaker and founder and director of VBN Training, has created a series of video training modules to help parents and professionals overcome the daily behavioral challenges children with autism and their families face. As a parent of a child with autism, Caffrey understands these challenges firsthand. This is […]

Back to School: Autism and sharing information about the school day

Parents of children with autism generally have a hard time teaching their children to share information about their school day, as one of the core symptoms of autism is « difficulty with language and other forms of communication » according to the Boston Children’s Hospital’s website (www.childrenshospital.com). talked to one mom of a seven year old. Names […]

Back to School: Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

Summer vacation is nearly over and parents are getting their children ready to go back to school. This transition is difficult for all children and can be especially challenging for children with autism. This article is the first in a series of three that will address some of the challenges parents of children with autism face […]

Paris Askate Skateboarding event invites Autistic children to try a new sport

We all know that sport and exercise is good for body, mind and soul, and having Autism or an ASD diagnosis should not stand in the way of a child, or adult having fun, branching out and doing something different. Last week we brought you the inspirational story of Anthony Ianni Michigan State Basketball player […]