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Althea is a journalist from the Philippines. She has been writing articles, journals, reviews, and Op-Eds for nearly two decades. She is also a contributor for Poptard Magazine.

Study says autism may be masked by ADHD in some children

Boston — A study conducted by researchers at the Boston Children’s Hospital shows that an early diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) might be causing clinicians to overlook autism in young children. In a research recently published online, the researchers scanned data from the National Survey of Children’s Health involving 1,500 children who were […]

Research says learning by repetition hinders learning in children with autism

Pittsburgh — A study recently published in the journal Nature Neuroscience found that training children with autism through repetition actually hinders them from learning. According to the study, training by repetition causes hyper specificity and impedes the ability of children with autism to apply what they learned to a different context other than the specific […]

University offers autism transition program for college students with autism

Charleston, Ill. — The Eastern Illinois University Autism Center has recently started the Students with Autism Transitional Education Program (STEP) to help individuals with autism transition into college smoothly. Most students on theĀ (correction) autism spectrum are often overwhelmed by drastic changes that comes with college life— and university officials at the Eastern Illinois University Autism […]

State to compensate $650,000 to teenager with autism

Salt Lake City — A 19-year-old with autism will be compensated by the state with nearly $650,000— four years after an incident where he had fallen off a school bus along Interstate 80. The then-15-year-old Brandon Wade fell after he removed his seatbelt and opened the school bus’s emergency exit, as the bus kept on […]

RPM changes life of teen with autism

Staten Island, N.Y. — Nick D’yAmora, a 17-year-old with autism from Staten Island in New York, has been living most of his life unable to communicate. It was in 2010 that his life started changing, because it was in that year that he and his family learned about the Rapid Prompting Method (RPM). One day, […]

Researchers discover how one gene mutation leads to autism

Chapel Hill, N.C. — A team of researchers from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine in Chapel Hill said they have finally discovered how at least one of the 1,000 known genetic mutations linked to autism may lead to the developmental disorder. According to the study’s senior author and Associate Professor in Cell […]

Fragile X: a closer-look at the autism-like syndrome – w/video

DENVER — Fragile X syndrome is a learning disability not widely known by many, but it is estimated that about one in 4,000 women and one in 8,000 men are currently affected by this condition. Patients affected by Fragile X syndrome display behavioral manifestations very similar to that of those affected by autism spectrum disorder […]

Canada forms Autism Spectrum Disorder Working Group to create national autism strategy

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada — The Canadian government announced July 8 that it is set to spend $2 million on a team tasked to help create the country’s national strategy on autism, called the Autism Spectrum Disorder Working Group. The group, chaired by Health Minister Rona Ambrose, includes 11 members who are all autism experts. One […]

Author Steve Silberman pushes for change in how people see autism

San Francisco — U.S. Journalist and Author Steve Silberman wants to change how the world sees people with autism. Silberman, whose book ‘Neurotribes’ made it to the Samuel Johnson Prize 2015 longlist, wants everyone to stop seeing autism spectrum disorder merely as a disability. ‘Neurotribes’ was first intended to be a book about the autism […]

Mothers open up on the struggles of raising a child with autism

Sydney — Despite the increasing and relentless efforts of advocates and families of children with autism to raise awareness about the developmental disorder, it seems like society still hasn’t done enough in helping children struggling with autism spectrum disorder. With news of children with autism being locked away in cages or put in ‘pig pens’ […]