About Dawn Marcotte

Dawn Marcotte is the CEO of WWW.ASD-DR.com, a website designed to help teens and young adults on the spectrum live to their highest potential.

Junior Year ‘To Do’ List Ideas

It’s so unfair. I didn’t even sign up for anything. Suddenly our phone is ringing off the hook and our mail is filled with advertisements. What happened? Our daughter entered her junior year in high school. Now every company out there who has a program to help students do better on ACT and SAT tests […]

What’s a Parent to Do?

I get it. They aren’t cute. They aren’t cuddly. They can be rude, obnoxious, loud and very irritating. Not a picture of what makes people want to donate their hard earned money. So it seems natural that organizations are designed to help autistic individuals focus on children – young children are cute and they tug […]

4 Tips to Motivate Autistic Teens and Young Adults

I hear it over and over again from other parents: “My son doesn’t even get dressed. He spends the whole day in pajamas.” “How do I get my daughter to understand she needs to clean her room?” “Why can’t I get my teen to help around the house?” “Why doesn’t he understand he needs to […]

A New Frontier for Disabled Adults: Being An Entrepreneur

“I’m sorry, we went with another candidate.” “I’m sorry, you just aren’t qualified.” These phrases are all too often heard by autistic adults following an interview, assuming they get an interview in the first place. According to the Office of Disability Employment, in November of 2014 only 19.7 percent of disabled adults were employed. That is […]

7 things I wish I had known when my daughter was diagnosed

Birthdays and anniversaries always make me nostalgic, particularly now that I am a little older. My oldest child recently turned 16 and I spent some time thinking about how far we have all come in her lifetime. I thought about when she was first diagnosed with autism. My mother had died only a couple of […]

Can A Dorm Be Home?

After recent articles in the news about the best places for autistic adults to live, I started to rethink the issue of housing for my daughter. She is in high school and currently looking at colleges. This is a huge step for us, as it is for everyone, and a major concern is housing. Many […]

Press Release: ASD-DR Launches College Search Tool for Autistic Students – Tool Focuses on Colleges That Provide Support Services

Farmington, MN – May 9, ASD-DR has created an online searchable database to help parents and students make informed decisions about the best college for their situation. This new tool addresses the gap in existing popular college search sites, that do not provide any information specific to support services for special needs students. The standard […]

Why Autistic Teens and Young Adults Make Great Volunteers

I have been reading a book recently entitled Everybody’s Normal Till You Get To Know Them by John Ortberg. There is a chapter in which he talks about the fact that we (humans) are made for community and that even in the midst of social media and many opportunities to connect, so many people feel […]

Can Microsoft’s Initiative Show Other Businesses the Way?

Recently Microsoft announced a pilot program to hire autistic employees in their corporate headquarters. They are partnering with a Danish company, Specialisterne, to pair 10 autistic adults with openings at the company. This is not the first tech company to use Specialisterne to find autistic employees who are able to provide exceptional attention to detail […]

7 Tips for getting a service dog for an autistic child

Over the last several years research and anecdotal stories show that a dog can significantly improve the quality of life of an autistic child. This has caused a surge in interest and has unfortunately also created a surge in providers who are more interested in the $30,000 price tag than in helping a family. Here […]