Autism Awareness Month – Autism is More than Autism Speaks and Temple Grandin

Autism Awareness month is coming and yet the media only seems to know about one autism organization and one successful autistic adult. They don’t seem to realize that: Autism is More than Autism Speaks and Temple Grandin During the month many national news outlets such as CNN, The New York Times, Fox News, Time Magazine […]

New technologies for autism

Using technology is not a new concept for many autistic children. Apps on smart phones, voice recognition software, books on tape, and special pencil grips are all used widely today by autistic children and adults. Now there are several new developments in both software and hardware with a goal of helping autistic children in the […]

Accidental Ableism

I had never heard the word abelism before 2014. Even after my daughter was diagnosed over 10 years ago I was not aware of it. When I first saw it used, I actually had to look it up; ableism is the discrimination in favor of able-bodied people. It was not something I concerned myself with […]

Autism, Legislation and Insurance

Autism is expensive. Children diagnosed often require multiple therapies for years. ABA therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social skills therapy, psychiatric care and any medications required are all extra expenses not covered by insurance in every state. ABA alone may cost $100 or more an hour and patients often benefit the most from daily therapy […]

New brain studies offer hope with social language

The human brain has been receiving a lot of interest lately in studies designed to help autistic children. This interest may lead to early identification as well as an app that helps autistic children with social language. If You Have Met One Autistic Person….. The common saying in the autism community is that if you […]

Beware Pregnant Women – Stop Breathing

I am so angry right now at the recent articles in the news that try to connect air pollution to autism. This is almost as bad as the whole vaccine-autism link issue, lots of rhetoric and very little scientific substance. One study, using statistics and estimations is trying to create a link between air pollution […]

Brain Inflammation Research Has A New Home

Research into the connection between brain inflammation and autism is not new. Studies published in 2005 in Epilepsia,  Annals of Neurology  and Clinical Neuropsychiatry  have all established a correlation between brain inflammation and autism. Additional studies from other organizations have supported the finding that inflammation in the body is connected to a wide variety of health […]

Sensory and Autism Friendly Events across the United States for the Holidays

With the increased number of families impacted by autism many malls, theatres and traditional holiday venues are providing special sensory friendly events this holiday season and throughout the coming year. The trend is towards scheduling a specific performance or time for families with autistic children or children who need a sensory-friendly environment. These performances do […]