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Dr. Rachita Narsaria is an physician with a passion for prose. Armed with an MD in Internal Medicine, she juggles between clinics and writing. When medicine gets overwhelming, poetry is her escape. Her maiden venture, Spellbound Inc., is a culmination of years of experience in creative writing.

Autism Research: January 3, 2014 Week In Review

Fruit flies and autism  Scientists are constantly probing nature for answers to existing problems of mankind. This time they ended up probing the fruit fly to get answers for autism. Insects especially fruit flies are known to be extremely sensitive to odors. So, scientists decided to study their “volume-control system” to understand the sensory overload […]

Autism Research: December 27, 2013 Week in Review

Hospital acquired infections test positive for risk of autism  The latest study published in Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders reports that pregnant mothers that were diagnosed with a bacterial infection during their stay in the hospital were 58% more likely to deliver a child with autism spectrum disorders. Senior author of study, Dr. Lisa […]

Autism Research: December 22, 2013 Week in Review

Psychosocial interventions to help remedy kids on autism spectrum  Yale Child Study Center conducted a study to evaluate the effects of psychosocial interventions in children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Brian Reichow and team found that numerous children with an intellectual disability or lower functioning autism did not receive such interventions. Published in PLOS […]

Autism Research: December 6, 2013. Week in review

Air pollution worsens genetic predilection for autism As reported by Autism Daily Newscast in a longer article this week, a particular genetic variant has been identified to increase the risk of autism on exposure to air pollution, a new study has found. Researchers from the Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California found that […]

Autism Research: November 29, 2013 Week in Review

SanFran team nails site of action of culprit genes in autism  A new study as reported by Autism Daily Newscast and published in Cell journal has found the site of action of disruption in people with autism. The cell affected and the stage of brain development when it is affected has been identified by a […]

Autism Research: 25th September, 2015 Week in Review

Autism biomarker might help better diagnosis A path breaking new study from the prestigious University of California, Irvine has identified a new biomarker that might aid in diagnosing the rapidly spreading neurodevelopmental disorder. Headed by Dr. J. Jay Gargus, and team from the UCI, the study identified a vital defect in the signaling system of […]

Autism Research: 17 September, 2015 Week in Review

Autism masked by ADHD in young children, study reveals A new study conducted by pediatrician Dr. Amir Miodovnik and his team has found that symptoms of the condition ADHD might be overshadowing or masking autism spectrum disorders in very young kids. A staggering 81% children were first diagnosed with ADHD and later with autism, after […]

Autism Research: November 22, 2013 Week in Review

84% autism research potentially duplicative The U.S Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that a shocking 84% of all autism research funded by federal U.S. agencies between fiscal years 2008 and 2012 was potentially duplicative. Funding research projects with the same topic is sometimes useful when it is done to corroborate results but mostly it leads […]

Autism Research: November 8, 2013 Week in review

Gastrointestinal upsets more likely with autism A new research funded and published by the prestigious UC Davis MIND Institute has stated that children having autism are 6 to 8 times more prone to developing tummy upsets like diarrhea, food sensitivity and constipation compared to typically developing peers. Chief researcher Virginia Chaidez said that the GI […]