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3 out of 5 Children with Autism have been Bullied

Children on the Autism Spectrum are particularly prone to being bullied. Most of which goes unreported. Yesterday, two juvenile males were arrested in Buffalo for allegedly punching and attempting to steal an autistic boy’s bicycle. In the neighboring state of Michigan, basketball player Anthony Ianni speaks at schools on his experiences with autism and bullying at […]

Music an Alternative Communication Strategy for Autism

As reported yesterday, human voices does not trigger pleasure for many individuals on the autism spectrum. While loud sounds can cause a severe negative reaction, music can be a helpful education intervention if specifically design for the child. Music therapy has proved effective in helping the people with serious diseases like cancer and depression as it […]

Germany takes a Leadership Stance in Employing people on the Autism Spectrum

Autism is a disability which is caused due to the mutilation of the development of the brain or the central nervous system. The characteristic of an autistic person is that they have difficulty in social interactions but they are exceptionally good in specific fields. A small computer consulting firm named Auticon in Berlin has employed […]

Sexuality and Autism

Most people tend to believe that those on the autism spectrum are neither interested in sex or active in sexually. This is false. Autistic people live a very normal life as far as physical factors are concerned. Marriage is not out of the question; nor is having children. The difficulties may be experienced more by the non autistic […]

Is Autism Support Different in Canada versus the USA?

Autism in North America is said to have risen highly in the past twenty years. One out of every 160 children born in Canada will eventually be diagnosed with Autism, with boys being five times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls. The causes of autism based on research seem to begin during […]

Pets Impact Happiness for those on the Autism Spectrum

Science has proved that interacting with animals especially pets can have a deep impact on the physical betterment of human beings. Animals have been known to help in the lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol and are also effective in reducing tension and stress and also help to avoid conditions like depression. It is also […]

Art and Autism

Self expression is is a natural human desire and art is often a vehicle for this need. Not of of use will ever get our drawings or sculptures published but that does not mean it has intrinsic value in communicating something about us and how we experience our world. However, 50 have. Published in June of 2012, Drawing Autism […]

Raising “Epidemic of Autism” in the United States

1 out of a possible 50 school-age children may have autism. This is according to the latest government report on autism prevalence in the United States. This comes as a shock, to many people, including health professionals, government agencies and parents. It is a surprise, contrary to a little comforting news from last year’s 1 […]