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"Richard James" is a university graduate who has worked for many years in the non profit sector and is currently seeking new opportunities. Working as a ghost writer since early 2013, "Richard" prefers to remain anonymous.

New Discovery May Lead to Predicting Autism Before the Age of Two

The Greenwood Genetic Center, commonly known as the GCC, working closely with a company called Biolog, Inc. has made an exceptional discovery leading scientists to develop a more comprehensive awareness and understanding in the field of autism research. Scientists refer to the study of autism as autism spectrum disorders, also known as ASD’s. Luigi Boccuto, […]

Prevalence of Autism Increases 23% in 4 Years

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported in March 2013 that the new estimate of autism prevalence has risen from 1 in 110 in 2009 to 1 in 88 today. A 23% increase from the previous estimate. As expected, the numbers were heavily askew towards boys affecting 1 out of 54 as […]

Autism in the United Kingdom a Growing Issue

In the United Kingdom it is estimated that nearly 1 out of 100 children today suffers from autism. While the statistics appear lower than in the United States, it still means approximately 100,000 children today living with autism in the U.K. In addition, half a million family members face the direct effect of the condition. […]

Synaptol: The natural medicine for improved concentration and lowered frequency of mood swings

Children with autism often encounter problems regarding mood and attention span. They can go from exhausted to restless in a matter of minutes. They tend to have poor concentration which makes it harder for them to learn how to read and write. A plethora of medicines have been introduced in the market to aid kids […]

Documentary Influences a Change in France’s Autisim Policy

A year ago a movie was released known as “Le Mur”, translated means “The Wall”. The movie was a documentary and an in depth study of the treatment of two autistic children utilizing an American model of treatment and a French model of treatment. It was part of an ongoing process to change France’s treatment […]

The Hereditary Link to Autism

Autism is generally a complex developmental disability that causes physical and mental problems within the victim. Studies by scientists and researchers have showed that this condition is the result of a neurological disorder which quite adversely affects the normal brain functioning of an individual and also very deeply and intensely affects the victim’s capability of […]

Early Intervention Reduces Symptoms of Autism

Researchers have gone through different phases of study for the behavioral therapies that could effectively put an end to autism. They have also come up with the idea of several intervention programs to tackle this particular problem and have succeeded with flourishing results as well. But, the question is still being raised that whether these […]

Peer Modeling Shows Greater Success than Traditional Autism Interventions

Studies suggest that peer training outperforms traditional autism interventions. As research continues to surface in news reports and other media, more information becomes available to parents and teachers. Primary caregivers can utilize these techniques on a daily basis. Interventions that focus on the child in a less clinical setting are showing positive benefits to them. […]