About Stella Waterhouse

Stella Waterhouse first came across autism in the late 1960s when she met three very different children, all of whom shared the same diagnosis. She began researching autism in 1990 and is a published author of several books including A Positive Approach to Autism which attracted good reviews from such well known autism experts as Donna Williams and Paul Shattock OBE. She has also authored a series of concise but informative books for parents and teachers, and is currently completing her forthcoming series The Autism Code.

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Autism and Elimination Diets – Join the Food Detectives

Diets.   Do you flinch when you hear that word?   There’s no need to – it’s time consuming but certainly not impossible. Gluten and casein free (GF/CF) diets are often mentioned in relation to autism and yet some professionals are still skeptical about them.  But despite that people from all walks of life suffer from those intolerances too – […]

Autism and medication. A Spoonful of Sugar?

Now to the controversial area of medication. While it is certainly worth trying a sensory and dietary approach first it would be foolish to ignore the fact that the correct medication – given in the right amount – can help at times. A sweeping statement? No. Firstly it is based on my own experience of […]

Autism and Food Intolerances – Dietary tools

The last few articles have focused on leveling the playing field for your child, giving him (or her) some of the tools that will help them get the most out of life. But now to turn the spotlight on food allergies and intolerances; problems which often appear at the same time as the sensory differences become apparent. […]

Autism and Neuro-developmental delay – It’s not all about the money.

If you’ve been following this series hopefully by now your child should be feeling less stressed and perhaps even has one sense that actually gives accurate information about the world around him. So what should you do next? People who make the mistake of thinking that the problems are behavioral will tend to follow a […]

Autism and Food Intolerances – And finally

In a previous article I mentioned a girl who became seemingly ‘drunk’ after eating carrots and a boy who, after ‘scoffing’ a whole packet of chocolate and orange biscuits became really hyperactive.  Seemingly strange behaviours you might think and yet they are reasonably common amongst children on the Autism Spectrum as many parents will tell you. So […]

Autism and other potential food ‘hazards.’ Still Detecting.

We’ve already discussed elimination diets in relation to the ‘usual (ASD related) suspects’ gluten and casein.  Even so there are other potential food ‘hazards’ too that need investigating in case they are relevant to your child. The first is personal so please bear with me while I tell you a story.  You’re probably too young to have […]

Autism and Hearing – Another Survival Tool

For some children the visual problems mentioned in my last article are less distressing than the auditory differences, some of which, like hyperacusis (hypersensitivity to some sounds), can cause great distress in many situations. So this is for you if your child dreads going outside because the birds sing too loudly. If he tries to […]

Going back to school? Try these tips.

Tips for Parents Yesterday, we looked at tips for teachers in the article, Teacher’s quick guide to autism but it is always a good idea for parents to take review some of the things parents can do to help teachers understand the specific autistic child. The relationship between parent and teacher is of vital importance so: Share information […]

New Kid in the Class? Teacher’s quick guide to autism

Tips for Teachers All children live up (or down) to other people’s expectations so be positive and realistic – as your attitude will affect much of the rest of his life. Your job is to help him to fulfil his potential. Be aware that: Children with ASD are often more vulnerable to bulling than other children – […]

Autism Basics – Tools for Survival

Autism has long been associated with food allergies and intolerances but we’ll return to them later in this series, for now I’m going back to basics. Regardless of just where the child is on the spectrum, most parents share common worries regarding the lack of communication and social abilities. For many parents the most pressing […]