Autism and other physical problems. Double diagnosis?

Can your child tell you when he feels ill or when he is in pain? Or let you know if he was feeling dizzy or faint? If not then you need to be aware of the symptoms and signs of the next three physical problems so that you can get professional advice and help if your […]

Autism – Treatments and therapies. Where should you begin?

Do you take your child’s autism in your stride, seeing it, simply, as a different way of being: one that is very much part of him? Do you see treatments and therapies as unnecessary; believing that autism is just a different way of learning? Or are you a ‘warrior mom’ who, feeling your child has […]

Autism and thinking. Second thoughts.

Is your child’s speech appropriate even though he takes some comments literally? Are you concerned that although his understanding is good he still finds it hard to understand abstract concepts, sarcasm or jokes that have double meanings? Or gets confused when people say things like ‘that film was a good watch’ or ‘the game is […]

Autism and thinking. Just a thought!

Does your child seem other-worldly?  Is he anxious, sad or happy whenever you are? Does he speak in a very idiosyncratic way – as if his mother tongue is a foreign language? Or does he disconcert people because he seems to have a real insight into them? If so that may be related to his stage of […]

Autism and Gastrointestinal Issues – More Gut Feelings

You already know there are several different GI problems that commonly affect people with ASD so perhaps we should explore some of the most common ones in more detail in case your child has any of them. ~~~ Does your baby cry inconsolably, refuse the bottle or breast and then cry for food again only to pull […]

Autism and Gastrointestinal (GI) disorders – Gut feelings.

Does your child suffer from stomach aches?  Or have bouts of diarrhea or constipation? Is his stomach bloated at times?  Do his bowel movements contain undigested food particles? Or does he arch his back, press his stomach against things or grit his teeth? Or scream or rock? If so it is possible that he has any […]

Autism and digestive problems – Food for thought

Over the past few weeks we have explored some of many sensory and other symptoms commonly found in people on the autism spectrum but now let’s turn our attention to the physical problems that also affect many of them, regardless of age. Ongoing (and sometimes disputed) research indicates that many children with ASD suffer from […]

Autism and the seventh sense. Spinning and swinging.

Is your child afraid of heights? Does he hate escalators? Get sick every time he travels? Or hate swings or any game that puts him off-balance? Or is he totally the opposite? A child who never gets giddy or travel sick? Who really enjoys the rides at the amusement park? Who’s constantly jumping about or hopping […]

Autism and the sixth sense – Steady on!

Does your child move awkwardly and clumsily? Does he find it hard to pick things up? Or send food flying when he eats? Do the family pets avoid him? Does he slam doors and enjoy games in which he can push, pull or drag things around? Such problems are linked to difficulties with proprioception (body […]

Autism and overload – One thing at a time

Does your child peer at things out of the corner of his eye or take quick short glances?  Is he slow to respond to your questions?  Or find it hard to walk and talk at the same time? This seems to happen because, in contrast to most people, who automatically process information from several senses simultaneously […]