Jakarta autism center’s operations put to a halt by legalities

Jakarta, Indonesia — An autism center launched barely a year ago was forced to stop its operations due to a failure on the government’s part to come up with the signed papers which are reportedly vital to the center’s continued functioning. The center, located in Cipayung, East Jakarta, is run by the Jakarta Social Affairs […]

Ghana government asked to fund autism research

Cape Coast, Ghana — Speaking at the “Cape Coast Autism Training Workshop: Awareness and Applied Behavioural Analysis” recently held at the University of Cape Coast School of Medical Science (UCCMS), Dr. Ebenezer Badoe called for the Ghanan government to fund the research on the causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) among children in the country. […]

Autism Awareness Tragically Low in Rwanda

Rwanda – The autism organization Autism Rwanda is actively trying to raise awareness of the learning difference since awareness in the area is tragically low. allAfrica.com met with the organization’s founder and autism expert, Rosine Duquesne Kamagaju who gave insight into the learning difference. Autism is a innate learning difference characterized by repetitive behavior, difficulty […]

Autism advocates struggle to help less fortunate individuals with autism in Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria — Two very driven women have been striving hard to extend as much help as they can to individuals with autism in Nigeria. Comprehensive Autism and related Disabilities Education and Training (CADET) Academy Executive Director Lola Aneke and Our Lady of Guadalupe Health Foundation and Autism Center Clinical Director Dr. Doris Izuvah have […]

Woman helps children with autism In Uganda

Uganda, Africa– 35-year-old Chrystal Honsaker is helping children with autism in Uganda by donating time, money,school supplies, and mattresses. She got the idea when she vacationed in Africa a few years ago and noticed how much children suffer. “I saw the need and wanted to back,” she told the Herald Standard. In Honsaker’s  recent five […]