Australia establishes first autism biobank

Brisbane, Australia — Australia has just established its first-ever large scale autism biobank. The country’s biggest autism biobank was established in hopes of helping researchers develop an earlier and more accurate diagnosis for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Cooperative Centre for Living with Autism Chairwoman Judy Brewer said they hope to lessen the time […]

Autism Today in Australia

According to the Australian bureaux of statistics, there were approximately 125,000 people affected by ASD, or autism spectrum disorder in Australia in the year 2009. To define this figure, this can be broken down to one in 160 for 6-12 year aged children. The point must be made however, that this figure is speculative, given […]

Non-profit manager jailed for sexually abusing woman with autism

Melbourne, Australia — A manager for a non-profit organization in Australia has been sentenced to jail Monday after being found guilty of sexually abusing a woman with autism. Timothy Hampson has been found guilty of two counts of sexual penetration of a person with cognitive impairment, one count of theft, and one count of indecent […]

Update – “jumping for joy” – Maria Sevilla and son Tyrone hear official news they can stay in Australia

Australia – We have covered the story of nurse, Maria Sevilla and her son many times here on Autism Daily Newscast. Our last report can be read here. Mother and son were fearful of facing deportation to the Philippines due to the high cost of caring for Tyrone, who has autism.  Ms Sevilla and Tyrone […]

Young boy pleads for his friend not to be deported just because he has autism – w/video

Queensland, Australia — An 11-year-old child pleaded before Australia’s Q&A show’s panelists for his 10-year-old friend not to be deported just because he has autism. We last reported on this story back in September, our report, 9 Year old boy faces deportation back to Philippines  because of autism, can be read here. Ethan Egart took […]

Classical music may calm children with autism

Perth, Australia – A new study shows that playing classic music may help calm and reduce stress for children on the spectrum. The study was conducted at Curtin University by Jeremy Marriott for his doctoral research project. World renowned pianist David Helfgott was asked to help choose the classic music sample. He chose Beethoven’s Piano […]

Australia – New survey shows autism community unhappy with current research

Australia – A new study conducted by Dr. Liz Pellicano, former University of Western Australia psychology graduate, and current director of the University of London’s Centre for Research in Autism and Education, showed that the autism community is unhappy with recent research. 18% of researches from 2007-2011 have focused on the biochemical causes of autism […]

Autralian researchers find no link between autism and vaccines

University of Sydney – Researchers at the University have found no link between autism and vaccines, the Guardian newspaper report. The results published in the journal Vaccine, gathered information on all studies carried out on links between autism and vaccines for diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, as well as MMR. The data covered more than 1.25 […]

Parents with autistic children warned over autism cure con artists

Australia – Parents with children with autism are being warned as the number of con-artists offering miracle cures for autism increases. Sydney’s Jason Hameister and Adelaide mother Bec Payne, have both spent in the region of 26,000 ASD in trying to find a cure for their children’s autism. Mr Hameister told ABC news: “The first one we […]

Girl With Special Needs Starts A Thriving Business Based on an Inability to Read with Video

Autism Daily Newscast loves to be able to report good news stories and so when this showed up on… where else but the Good News Network!  Scroll down to the bottom and watch the video which explains this uplifting story the best. An Australian woman who was born with Down Syndrome and a mild form of […]