Vodafone seek to recruit Autistic individuals

Vodafone has become the largest company in Europe to actively seek out individuals with high functioning Autistic spectrum disorders due to adeptness in blue sky thinking and understanding code. IT companies have long been reaping the benefits of selecting candidates who have high functioning autism because the condition itself promotes ‘outside the box’ and original […]

Paris Askate Skateboarding event invites Autistic children to try a new sport

We all know that sport and exercise is good for body, mind and soul, and having Autism or an ASD diagnosis should not stand in the way of a child, or adult having fun, branching out and doing something different. Last week we brought you the inspirational story of Anthony Ianni Michigan State Basketball player […]

French mother concedes hunger strike for Autistic daughter after 15 days

We have been following closely the hunger strike started on July 9 by French mother Jacqueline Tiarti as a crusade against the French government’s preference for medical treatment for children and individuals with Autism. On July 23, after 15 days of starvation, Ms Tiarti, from the Calmart region of France was forced to give up […]

Petition started for French Mother Hunger striking for Autism treatment

As reported earlier, an online petition has been started on behalf of French mother Jacqueline Tiarti. Ms Tiarti, who has now been on hunger strike for 15 days addresses her heartfelt plea in an open letter to the President of the French Republic. Ms Tiarti, mother of seven year old Melissa is objecting to the […]

Hunger Strikes by French Mothers with Autistic Children

Mothers of Autistic children in France are resorting to hunger strikes to demonstrate their urgency to get the right treatment for their children. France, in particular prefer the treatment of Autism using psychoanalytic methods, rather than the approach adopted in other countries of behavioural and educational therapy. Jaqueline Tiarti, started a hunger strike on July […]

Germany takes a Leadership Stance in Employing people on the Autism Spectrum

Autism is a disability which is caused due to the mutilation of the development of the brain or the central nervous system. The characteristic of an autistic person is that they have difficulty in social interactions but they are exceptionally good in specific fields. A small computer consulting firm named Auticon in Berlin has employed […]

Irish government set to publish plan for individuals with autism

Dublin — The government of Ireland will soon be publishing its comprehensive plan for individuals with autism in the country. The plan will lay down details on how different sectors of the Irish government will be taking part on the nation’s efforts to address issues that comes with the growing number of individuals affected by […]

Child with autism refused entry in Ikea’s playground – again

Dortmund, Germany — A mother of a five-year-old with autism was left outraged after the staff of Ikea’s Dortmund branch in Germany refused to let him in at the establishment’s play area. Bianca Amanzada was planning to leave her son, Alyschah-Paul, at Ikea’s supervised play area while she shops at the establishment, but the staff […]

Device designed to calm children with autism launched in Italy

Rome — A device designed to calm children with autism was launched during an event themed “People with Autism – a Life Spent with Others”, which was organized by the Italian Red Cross and the Consorzio Promosalute in Italy last month. The device, called Mente, was the brainchild of Maltese scientist Adrian Attard Trevisan. Trevisan […]

Interview with Samuel Toth – co-founder of Auti-mate, the online video game that develops strengths and talents of those with autism

Auti-mate – is a Budapest based start-up that develops talent discovery and development video games for children with autism. Auti-mate.com will host a collection of games that will cover a wide spectrum of autistic savant skills, such as visual analytic skills, understanding of mechanical systems, memory and systematic thinking. Auti-mate.com is a first-of-its-kind tool that […]

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