Israeli mayor stops Bar Mitzvah ceremony for children with autism

Rehovot, Israel — The mayor of Rehovot, Israel is being accused of imposing his religious beliefs on a special needs school in his municipality after sanctioning a rule on school officials that hinders the staff from pushing through with the school’s Bar Mitzvah ceremony for children with autism. Mayor Rahamim Malul, who appears to be […]

Teens with autism join Israeli Army to decipher aerial photos

Jerusalem — Soldiers on the autism spectrum were employed by the Unit 9900 of the s to decipher aerial photos taken by military satellites. The decipherers, who are volunteers mostly still in their teens, are in charge of interpreting and decoding 3D satellite images— a job that requires constant attention to detail and long hours of […]

NGO and Justice Ministry launch logo for individuals with intellectual disabilities

Tel Aviv, Israel – A new logo designed for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities has been unveiled in a joint initiative between a local non-profit organization and the Justice Ministry. The logo is intended to serve as a nationally recognized symbol and will thus assist those with various intellectual impairments when they are out […]

Rabbi leads Birthright trip for young individuals with autism

Jersualem, Israel — Taglit-Birthright is a non-profit organization that sponsors all-expense paid heritage trips for young Jews to Israel. Just before the year ended, Birthright organized a heritage trip that was slightly different than most of the other ones held in the past— a trip especially arranged for young individuals with autism. Led by Rabbi […]

The Israeli Society for Autistic Children light blue candles for autism during Hanukah

Israel – The Israeli Society for Autistic Children (ALUT) along with the Association of Children at Risk (ACR) is holding their annual donation day on Sunday. Getting donations for both originations will consist of children going door-to-door. ALUT is also asking people to light two blue candles to show that people with autism are not […]

White House apologise for use of the word ‘Aspergery’ as insult

The White House – The Obama administration have been fiercely criticized for using Asperger’s syndrome as a method to insult Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, by individuals who are on the autism spectrum and the organizations who support individuals affected by autism spectrum conditions. This kind of language is both insensitive and insulting. We made […]

The disturbing trend to use autistic as an insult: Legislator clarifies her use of the term “aren’t autistic”

Editor’s Note:  The term “Nationalism is a form of political autism” was used extensively last month when reporting the recent events and protests in Hong Kong.  Last week, a legislator in Costa Rica found herself being criticized for her use of autistic.  And as recently as this past Thursday, Jeff Goldman in an article in The Atlantic, mentions a number […]

Israel’s youngest university offers extensive assistance for students with PDD

Jerusalem, Israel – The country’s youngest university, Ariel University, first started a special program six years ago to provide additional assistance for two of their students who had special needs. Today, the university has 30 students under the program, and has a string of success stories of students who have received assistance from them. Dr. […]

Israel – Friendship House for young people with autism finally opens

Tel Aviv, Israel – The forever home for young people with autism is finally open after waiting over ten years. Named after the late Yael Goldstein, who is the mother of one of the 24 residents, Gal, Friendship House is welcome news to the parents who have children with autism, and whose chief worry is […]

War wraps autistic Israelis in anxiety

Kfar Ha’irusim, Israel – How a southern residence for autistic adults is managing – barely – to keep residents calm and safe. The piercing air-raid sirens and crashing of missiles – sometimes six a day and always unpredictable – wrap a terrifying blanket of anxiety around the 32 autistic adults in a group home in […]