ADA-compliant park for children with special needs to set open

Palo Alto, CA – A new state-of-the-art, ADA-compliant space and playground designed for both adults and children on the spectrum is nearing completion. Mitchell Park was first conceptualized 6 years ago by Olenka Villarreal, a mother of a child with ASD who had been dissatisfied with the lack of play areas in the city that […]

Autism Rescue Angels help families affected by autism in the Houston area

Houston— Elaine Turner is a designer and mother to Marlie, a ten-year-old little girl with autism. Elaine and her husband Jim tell that they have been lucky with regards to resources for their daughter, who has received speech therapy as well as being able to access a specialist school for children with learning disabilities and […]

Raleigh – state Senate approves autism insurance bill

Raleigh – A bill has recently been approved by the state Senate that will help to insure that health insurance plans, that are regulated by the state, cover autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and associated therapy, adaptive behavior treatment. Unfortunately insurers will be allowed to cap the amount they pay for adaptive behavior treatment at $40,000 […]

Father asks Alabama lawmakers to allow his daughter with autism to try medical marijuana

Alabaster, Alabama – Mary Ann Coleman is a 13-year-old school girl who has autism. She attends day school at Glenwood Autism & Behavioral Health Center. In a report that they recently sent home it states that Mary Ann tried to self harm, a total of 337 times. Mary Anne’s father told that on a […]

Caught on camera, eleven-year-old girl with autism attacked by two teens girls – w/video

Cleveland, Ohio– Joyce Swann is mother to an eleven-year-old girl, who was brutally attacked by two older girls on Saturday April 25. The attack was captured on cell phones, in three different clips. Ms Swann told Fox 8 Cleveland that her daughter has been bullied in the past, as her autism makes it difficult for […]

Parents of teen with autism create swim team – w/video

New Jersey – Former high school football player Michael McQuay and his wife Maria have started their own swim team for people with learning differences. They were inspired to create The Hammerheads Swim Team when their teen son on the spectrum, Mike Jr, was rejected from local teams. 15 other teens with autism soon joined […]

Homeless man helps police locate missing teen with autism – With Video

Garden Grove, CA – A homeless man assisted law enforcement officials to locate a teenage boy with autism spectrum disorder who had wandered away from a nearby shopping plaza. Ian Hinton, a 37 year old man who lives on the streets, had initially been asked by a police officer if he had seen Charles Truong. […]

Virginia Judge finds 11 year old with autism guilty on criminal charges – w/audio

Lynchburg, Va. — A judge from Lynchburg in Virginia found an 11-year old child with autism guilty of criminal charges. He will now have a felony conviction for the rest of his life. The child, Kayleb Moon-Robinson, is a middle schooler from Linkhorne School, and has only been attending the school for a few months […]

Proposed autism therapy insurance bill unsucessful

Tennessee – Democratic State Senator Sara Kyle has revealed her disappointment in the Senate Committee for deciding against a proposed autism behavioral therapy bill. The proposed legislation  would have cost over $200 million dollars by requiring insurance companies to provide applied behavioral analysis (ABA) to children and adolescents on the spectrum. Ultimately ABA is considered […]

Florida Human Rights Commission state Disney park discriminated against children with autism

Lake Buena Vista, Fla. — Walt Disney theme parks continue to be under fire as the Human Rights Commission in Florida released a statement saying that after conducting an investigation, it found that the popular amusement park has, in fact, discriminated against children with disabilities. Disney was slapped with multiple lawsuits after it changed its […]