Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik who plays Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler gives definative answer on if Sheldon has Asperger’s w/video

Time and again people ask and speculate whether Sheldon Cooper, one of the major characters in hit TV series Big Bang Theory, is on the autism spectrum. At Autism Daily Newscast we know this to be true… our guest article The Big Bang Controversy: Is Sheldon Autistic? from 2013, remains in the top 5 of all […]

Night of Too Many Stars – How good was it?

Night of Too Many Stars, taped on February 28 at the Beacon Theatre in New York City and aired this past Sunday, is an autism benefit that is not orchestrated by Autism Speaks. Want to know some other key facts about the show? ~It was founded by  Robert Smigel whose own son was diagnosed with autism […]

The Oscars – Diversity, Equal Pay, Weirdness and Disabilities

This year’s Oscars have come and gone admit the regular spectacular musical numbers, poor fashion choices and political statements. I am not here address the issue of boycotting the Academy Awards because it  continues to ignore African American performances and has been dubbed the “whitest Oscars” since 1998. Nor am I going to analyse Patricia Arquette using her time […]

Who cares what celebrities think about vaccines?

Celebrities are newsworthy. We know that and we are the first to report on famous people who an opinion related to autism. We may or may not agree but what is the harm? Unfortunately, celebrities have impact and influence. Many take this as a serious responsibility. They stay informed of the issues and look to peer […]

Whoopi, Max and Geraldo – who said “soap operas” one and all

If you didn’t know where Whoopi Goldberg stood on vaccination you sure to now. Everyone go into the anti-vaccination discussion last Thursday on The View.  Goldberg was clearly annoyed about the events of infant Livia Simon who is in four week quarantine to monitor her after a visit the doctor who had been exposed to a child with measles. […]

Holly Robinson Peete: We want autism to be on the lips of everyone in town

I don’t care what you think of Autism Speaks Holly Robinson Peete is a class act. She is consistent in her stance, gracious in her comments and a very public advocate for autism.  She has be an outspoken person for autism issues for almost 15 years since her son, RH, was diagnosed. Robinson Peete is […]

Michael Bublé sexiest, Geraldo Rivera on Celebrity Apprentice and Jenny oh Jenny

In last week’s column we ran a little tongue in cheek poll on who was the sexiest male celebrity in 2014. I really wanted to recap and remind our readers some of the “good deeds” that celebrities did last year. The winner?  Michael Bublé received 30% of the votes for his endearing video he sent to […]

Autism’s sexiest celebrity men of 2014

I hope the title caught you and while some of my choices for 2014 sexiest celebrity men may not appear all that sexy on the surface, my view is when you are kind, gentle and a class act…. well that make you pretty sexy in my books. The following 5 men were not looking for […]

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Giving Jenny McCarthy a pass and a draw on Gilbert Gottfried’s Apprendice performance

I never thought I would be someone to feel a little sorry for Jenny McCarthy. It seems that barely a few weeks go by and we are reporting something about Jenny McCarthy. She makes such good press. You soon realize that she must have a good publicist. Publicity aside, she has a lot of supporters and detractors. […]