Why do autistic people need to write about autism?

The answer to this is an easy one – if you want to know about autism what better way to find out than to talk to someone who is autistic? You can read all the books by non-autistics you like, but all you will find is people trying to get in to the autistic mind.  […]

Autism and Anxiety – Part 3 – tips for dealing with anxiety.

The previous two articles in this series looked at anxiety in people with autism, and how it can affect them. This article will try and look at some of the things that can be done to either stop anxiety, or lessen its impact. The tips might not work for everyone, and each individual will have […]

Autism and Anxiety – Part 2 – the effects of anxiety.

Anxiety can have a huge impact on the lives of those who suffer from it. It often goes hand in hand with other mental health conditions, and can also have a physical impact on anyone who has to live with it; affecting their physical and mental health as well as their social life, and the […]

Autism and Anxiety – Part 1 – why are people with autism more likely to experience anxiety?

Anxiety is something that can affect anyone. It can cause feelings of nervousness, fear and stress, as well as making those that suffer from it physically ill. Anxiety can come in small amounts, or it can be so extreme that those affected can not bring themselves to leave the house. It`s well known that people […]

The transition from summer to autumn.

Any kind of change can be hard for people with autism – from big changes such as moving to a new town/school, to smaller, more subtle ones, such as putting on new clothes, or taking a small detour. One change that will come around every year, several times a year, is the changing of the […]

Autism, and Losing days through Sensory Overload

Do you ever find that when you have one busy day, you end up losing two days?  What I mean by that is this; I work from home doing my writing, and I like to see it as my job.  I want to put a good few hours in to it each day.  But if […]

Autism and the Criminal Justice System – Part 7 – Mate Crime.

First of all what is mate crime?  Well mate crime is when someone, often a person with autism, is manipulated in to committing a crime by someone who they think is their friend.  This often arises as people with autism can find it hard to tell when someone is a real friend, and when they […]

Autism, and Using Public Transport

Autistic people of all ages can, and do find using public transport stressful. This can lead to them trying to avoid it, or not going out much as they do not want to have to travel on public transport. It can also mean that they do not get excited, or look forward to things as […]

Autism and Confidence – Part 3 – How can autistic people become more confident?

It is best to start out by saying that there is no one quick-fix for gaining confidence. But there are a few smaller things that can be done in order to raise confidence levels in certain situations. They might not give an autistic person a huge confidence boost, but any inprovement can have a huge […]

Autism and Confidence – Part 2 – How can a lack of Confidence impact on Autistic People ?

The previous article in this series looked at why autistic people might lack confidence. This article will take a look at how this can impact on them.  A lack of confidence is something that can affect anyone at some time in their life, but how does this lack of confidence impact on autistic people`s day […]