Favorite cruise desinations for the “difabled”

I am often asked which cruise line and destination are my favorites; 16 years ago I took my first cruise aboard Holland America to the Pacific Northwest. The crew was the happiest people on earth and within a few days they knew my name & pronounced it correctly; quite the feats, with a name like […]

What about flying with our child- How do we avoid this potential nightmare?

For children with autism and other special needs flying can be a challenge. The change in routine, the noise, the unfamiliar surroundings, the crowds all contribute to an overwhelming and overstimulating experience that can cause some major meltdowns. Flying Preparedness Programs Taking a child with autism on a plane requires some planning and practice runs. […]

Create your Family Bucket List for Travelling

Have I elevated your curiosity – Have you began looking at travel brochures? There is still trepidation? If you have glanced at all of my articles and recent travel posts, I hope that you are beginning to realize that a family vacation together is achievable. Get a piece of paper and begin to construct your […]

Romantic Holiday for a special needs family is possible

Can you believe that it is June… soon school will end for another year and families are beginning to explore family vacations. For special needs families, this comes with some trepidation; where, when, and how are the thoughts on families minds. I have been chatting with parents who need some reassurance when contemplating a vacation. […]

Royal Caribbean – Autism Friendly Cruise Line

Ideally families travel as one entity and need not worry about vacationing separate; recent incidents have left families questioning this. The recent incident with United Airlines is one example where more sensitivity was required. There is a fear that appears to have crept up when planning any type of vacation; will we be asked to leave […]

Quick Tips for Travelling, for families with an autistic child – w/video

By its very nature travel is going to be exciting. The simple act of it exposes you to a rainbow of sensory experiences. There will be new sounds, bustling crowds, foreign smells, unfamiliar temperatures, unintelligible languages and a general state of being alone, beyond the familiar, the ordinary and the safe. It is also exactly why we provide extra […]

Total Travel – Introducing Tarita Davenock our new travel expert

Autism Daily Newscast is pleased to announce a new twice a month column on Travel with our expert accessible travel agent Tarita Davenock.   The singer Marc Anthony is credited with saying “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” For Tarita Davenock that sentiment could be the anthem for her career. […]