Opinion – So now breastfeeding can ‘protect’ babies from autism? I give up!

Last week I read an article in the Mirror Online entitled; Breastfeeding ‘could protect babies from autism’ claim scientists behind new study. The research was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Journal. Well this instantly got my back up but I continued to read it, although I knew I shouldn’t. The first thing […]

Science debunks fad autism theories, but that doesn’t dissuade believers

According to a 2014 National Consumers League poll, 29% of American adults believe that childhood vaccinations can trigger autism. To many, these views are difficult to comprehend. After all, multiple controlled studies conducted on huge international samples have debunked any statistical association between vaccines and autism. Moreover, when the Danish government removed thimerosal – a […]

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The new refrigerator mothers of autism – GcMAF Part 3

This is the third and final in a series regarding two leading proponents of GcMAF – David Noakes and Doug Jewell. In these articles we had direct quotes from Jewell and Noakes as well as some counter arguments from mothers who are autism advocates.  Subsequently, this reporter received a series of emails from individuals quoted in the […]

“The Fire Alarm Went Off Again! Fire Alarms and the Autism Spectrum”

I remember the day like it was yesterday: November 13, 2013.  It was the day my life changed; not for the better, not necessarily for the worse.  It just changed.  It was the day my youngest son, Micah, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Since Micah was very young, my wife, Teresa, and I noticed […]

Science that could improve the lives of people with autism is being ignored

The economic costs associated with autism spectrum disorder run at £32 billion per year in the UK, more than heart disease, stroke and cancer combined. For children with autism this includes special education services and the costs of their parents not working as much in order to care for them. In the UK, costs for […]

David Noakes and the GcMAF controversy – Exclusive (Part 2)

After speaking with Doug Jewell, this reporter was keen to dig further into the people who are selling GcMAF and alleging it can cure/purge autism. I had seen David Noakes previously on The  BBC One Show in May and have shared my opinion on his Immune Biotech in a previous article.  The UK health watchdog branded GcMAF  “a […]

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The time someone asked me if I had permission

While promoting the blog I share it with a lot of organisations and groups of people from all over the world. When I decided to do the ‘Tis the holiday season’ video series in July, I got a message from a person which has stayed with me since. They asked: “Does Christos get any say […]

Watch your language when talking about autism

Words matter. The way we use them to communicate with or about others can have a huge impact on people’s lives. This is especially the case when it comes to disability. Handicapped. Retarded. Mad. Activists have campaigned hard to eradicate such terms, which are offensive and perpetuate a negative view of disabled people – one […]

The Punishment Gap: Schools Discipline Special Ed Students at Higher Rates

By Nate Robson First appeared in Oklahoma Watch here. Reprinted with Permission. In Jenks Public Schools, campus police physically restrained and handcuffed a second-grade special education student. His crime? He ran to the playground to escape a noisy classroom. At Tulsa Public Schools, officials called a father and told him to pick up his 6-year-old daughter, […]

Autistic people are more creative than you might think

Autism is commonly, if mistakenly, associated more with logical thinking than creative expression. But new research suggests we might need to rethink our views on creativity and autism. The criteria we use to diagnose autism have long made reference to the fact that autistic imagination appears to be limited, and this trait is used as […]