Children with autism aren’t necessarily visual learners

Children with autism are often described as “visual learners” and said to “think in pictures”. Accordingly, teachers and therapists routinely prescribe picture-based communication systems in an effort to support their learning. However, the findings of a study my colleagues and I published this week in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders contradict this notion, […]

How to help young people with autism stay on in education after school

Fewer than one in four young people with autism continue their education after school. Too often, colleges and universities are just not equipped or well-enough prepared to support young people with autism to move into further or higher education. There are also problems with their transition from school. Even where schools do provide support for […]

Children with autism shouldn’t be forced to socialise

When human beings see a face and socially engage with another human, whether it’s a stranger or loved one, we get a hit of the feel-good chemicals oxytocin and dopamine. It’s fleeting and subconscious a lot of the time, but it reinforces us to seek out and enjoy that face again. This isn’t the case […]

Are we ready for a test that could ‘pre-diagnose’ autism in babies?

For children with autism, early intervention is critical. Therapies and education – especially in the first two years of life – can facilitate a child’s social development, reduce familial stress and ultimately improve quality of life. But while we can reliably diagnose autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at 24 months, most children are diagnosed much later. […]

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5 things my brother’s Autism stole from me

My relationship with my brother, Christos, who is 8 years younger than I was just like any two siblings; he destroyed my toys, my shoes and generally anything that was mine. He would be all over my things and then ignore me, so I made it into a game; I was always looking for ways […]

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30 degrees of Autism

Its 30C in Canterbury, the hottest it has been since 2006 and it’s raining for the rest of the week. So, in honour of this sunny randomness, here are 30 random facts about Autism. 1. Autism is more common than cancer, diabetes and AIDS, in children, COMBINED. 2. Specialists are the condition as ‘Autisms‘ because every person on […]

Freezing sperm could curb rise in autism

Dundee, Scotland – Abertay University’s Dr. Kevin Smith says freezing sperm should become the norm. The biochemist argued that the rising average age men become fathers could also contribute to the rise in autism and other differences and diseases. In the 1990s the average age men started families was 31, today it’s 33 and up. […]

Language Processing and Autism – How wrong I was

Language processing can be very difficult for many autistic people. For many children, learning new words as they develop doesn’t necessarily mean they are able to use their new vocabulary as functional communication skills. For example, as a child my son was capable of reciting whole episodes of Caillou or Dora the Explorer. He was […]

Breaking news: England attack religious freedom Proclaims the latest Genesis two newsletter!

Editor’s Note:   Yesterday, Autism Daily Newscast updated our story on the recent meeting with Trading Standards closely monitor MMS sales in the UK.   Our regular contributor, Emma Dalmayne, is a strong advocate who wants anyone selling MMS to be prosecuted to the full extend of the law. Here is Emma’s review of what occurred according to the video below on […]

Myth: Autism and the Pet Bond

Or at least that was what I was led to believe by seeing countless articles about autistic kids and the tremendous bonds they developed with their pets. So much that I felt guilty of denying my kids the opportunity. We had been a petless family since just before my twins autism diagnosis – I had […]