Autism inside Out – the prison and freedom of routine

I’m staring at a stray jigsaw piece on the carpet. Maybe I should pick it up and put it in the box with the others, but once again I don’t. The truth is I’ve looked at that jigsaw piece a few times now and each time I’ve left it there. It won’t be joining the […]

Autism Inside Out – Why Hell is in Hallo

“Good Morning” They’re the two words I dread most, uttered as they are innocently enough as a casual greeting at work, a polite acknowledgement in a shop or a friendly gesture from a stranger passing in the street. It can be hard to explain to a neurotypical world why something so apparently well meant and […]

Autism Inside Out (a new series by Susan Dunne looking at autism from within)

It’s something in the way you move – autism and interpreting body language Reading in ADN of a recent Australian study which suggests that children with autism don’t have problems interpreting body language, I wasn’t unduly surprised. I’ve always suspected that the problem lies more in processing that information and choosing an appropriate response rather […]