Accountant with Autism Jailed for Smuggling $2.4 Million

When it comes to individuals with autism, often, many have a low IQ yet show extraordinary skill in certain subjects, such as memorizing each and every one of the presidents of the United States in extreme detail, or knowing everything there is to know about the elements on the periodic table. A recent and powerful […]

Autism today in South Korea and related Social Attitudes

According to a recent study, the prevalence of autism amongst children in South Korea is estimated to be 2.64% of the population of school age children. This can be defined as a high figure from a medical-social perspective, where the highest rates have been in the US were the statistics are usually cited as 1.8% […]

Bus ads pulled by Seattle Children’s Hospital after Offending Autistic Community

Last Friday, Seattle Children’s Hospital took down advertisements from local buses that had offended a significant portion of the autistic community. The ad read, “Let’s wipe out cancer, diabetes and autism in his lifetime,” a marketing campaign meant to raise awareness and funds to research cures for cancer, diabetes, and to find ways to help […]

Autism Today in Australia

According to the Australian bureaux of statistics, there were approximately 125,000 people affected by ASD, or autism spectrum disorder in Australia in the year 2009. To define this figure, this can be broken down to one in 160 for 6-12 year aged children. The point must be made however, that this figure is speculative, given […]

Study finds men with autism likely to suffer from depression and ADHD

Gothenburg, Sweden — A team of researchers from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden found that men with autism are likely to suffer from depression or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) on top of their autism. In a study published last month in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, the researchers observed 50 out […]

Press Release – Two Day International Research Symposium Announced

Research Autism is delighted to be launching its biggest conference to date, a two-day international research symposium featuring a number of world-renowned speakers. Looking Forward Looking Back: The Janus View of Autism is the latest in the Lorna Wing Conference Series, and will be held on 25 and 26 November 2015 at the prestigious Prince […]

Search for missing 9-year-old boy with autism continues – w/video

Davison, MI – Omarion Humphrey, a 9-year-old boy with autism who is pre verbal, went missing from the Lake Callis Recreation Complex, on  July 4. The area is surrounded by woodland, a creek and a man-made lake.  The entire area, including the lake, continues to be searched in the hope of finding Omarion. report that Rick Freeman, Davison Township […]

Autism Daily Newscast is giving away Amazon Gift Cards – Win one by completing our visitor survey

The earlier you complete the survey the more chances you have to win. Autism Daily Newscast is interested in learning more about our visitor reading habits and to encourage our visitors to take the survey we are giving away Amazon Gift Cards. From From June 8 to June 25th everyone who completes the three minute survey […]

State government fines Aetna 4.5 million over autism treatment coverage

St.Louis, MI – A state insurance company has been fined nearly 5 million dollars for violations regarding elective abortion laws and the coverage of autism health benefits. According to government officials Aetna, one of the state’s largest health insurers, violated 2010 laws mandating payments for autism treatments and services. Rohan Hutchins, a spokesman, states that […]

Autism Research: June 5, 2015 Week in Review

Unsupervised dietary supplementation not a good idea for autistic kids In the largest-of-its-kind study ever done, researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center have busted a big myth that has been plaguing parents of children with autism spectrum disorders. The team of pediatricians led by assistant professor Patricia Stewart found that parents often indulged […]