Student with autism allegedly hit by teacher

Springfield, MO – 65-year-old Janet Carrie Williams, a teacher at learning differenced Greene Valley State School, has been charged with third-degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child, both misdemeanors. Williams allegedly admitted to a Springfield police officer that she accidentally hit a child in the head fives times. Court records first reported on […]

Podcast: Kathy Kelly: How to visit Disney parks with a kid on the autism spectrum

Kathy Kelly is the mother of a 17 year old with autism. She is also the host of an unofficial Disney Travel podcast for people with a variety of special needs and disabilities, including Autism. She is currently writing the first-ever travel guide for families with autism who are planning a Walt Disney World vacation. […]

Podcast: Lois Brady shares Apps For Autism

Lois Brady, M.A., CCC-SLP, is passionate about working with the special needs community. She found her calling while in high school, when she spent her summer breaks volunteering in camp programs for children with special needs. Lois has over two decades of experience working as a Speech Language Pathologist specializing in autism spectrum disorders. She […]

Man with autism fined for not showing ID card – w/video

Portland OR – Man with autism Lucien Jones was fined upwards of $200 when he failed to show his ID card. The incident took place on Sunday when Jones was on a MAX train. Jones is considered an Honored citizen because of his autism and gets discounted fares. His honorable citizenship is indicated on both […]

Carly Fleischmann’s heart wrenching call for help

A desperate and garbled plea for help appeared on the autism advocate and Social Media spokesperson Carly Fleishmann’s Facebook page on Wednesday February 25. The message appeared allegedly written by Carly and translated by a person unknown calling for help from two of her doctors. In a previous interview with Autism Daily Newscast, her father […]

Can one symbol really replace that troublesome puzzle piece?

“Oh flower of Autism…” No I’m not practising for England versus Scotland in The Six Nations. However as someone with an interest in symbols and heraldry the Thistle with its green and purple beauty yet prickly surface is a powerful, uncontroversial and iconic symbol of Scotland, which is featured on the crest of a number […]

Research finds computer-aided communication helps adults with autism

Leiden, Netherlands — A group of researchers from the University of Leiden in the Netherlands have attempted to conduct research on a theory that has long been speculated by many. The group, headed by Aske Plaat, made efforts to prove that computer-aided communication such as entails and instant messaging have a number of advantages for  […]

Jamaica – Mother of child with autism helps raise awareness through Digicel’s 5K event

Jamaica – Kimberly Brown-Muthra is a credit and collections analyst at the Digicel Foundation, a nonprofit charity, who is volunteering at their annual 5K Run/Walk. Brown-Muthra was inspired to help because of her son Kareem Muthra whose on the autism spectrum. Brown-Muthra took her son to be evaluated at the offices of developmental pediatrician Dr. […]

ACE GRAN FONDO Supports Children With Autism – 4 Day Cycle Ride,

  YEPPOON Central Queensland, Australia – Errol Hodges, a resident of Yeppoon, will take part in the August 16th ACE Gran Fondo which is a four day, 450km cycle ride to raise funds to combat autism. Mr Hodges, told The Chronicle: “I am participating in the ride because it affects my partner’s family. Her son and grandson […]

Forward thinking parents who recognised the need for autism specific schools

There is a growing trend in the UK for building free schools for autism specific pupils. These schools are predominantly born from the community where they are built. Therefore parents with autistic children rallying together in a community group to birth a school for their kids. The thought was relatively unheard of in the 1970’s […]