Manchester Airport Autism Awareness Strategy

Preparing children with ASD for flying Manchester Airport first launched its Autism Awareness initiative back in 2009 to help support autistic children and their families when using the airport. The initiative has now been refreshed and includes a booklet and video which explains to children on the autistic spectrum what happens when they go to […]

Petition urges Cross Country trains to change their policy regarding special needs

A petition has been  started to urge Cross Country trains to change and review their policy after a number of special needs children were allegedly made to sit outside a toilet on a journey from Edinburgh to Lanarkshire. The train was reportedly full as the 10 children, aged from four upwards, had been on a […]

Wings for Autism Helps Families Fly

In a recent article, Autism Daily Newscast shared tips for families traveling with children who have autism. The Wings for Autism program helps families by offering their children a trial run through the entire air travel process. People with autism can be overwhelmed by new experiences, and the process of checking in, going through security, […]

Budget Vacations for Families with an Autistic Child

Since vacationing with an autistic child is no longer out of the question, another concern may arise of having the funds to afford a family trip. Perhaps the budget is already stretched due to all of the expenses involved in caring for an individual with special needs. Although any excursion will cost money, travelers can […]

Preparation and Trial Runs Key for a Fun Vacation: What one Airline is Doing to Help Autistic Kids

It is that time of year when families begin planning for a vacation.  For some families with autistic members, any trip can be so stressful, they no longer go on one. There are a variety of noted vacation spots suitable for families that have individuals with autism. Just as the options for destinations range from […]

JetBlue Airways conducts “Blue Horizons for Autism” Program for children with autism at Orlando International Airport

Orlando — JetBlue Airways and Orlando International airport recently conducted a program to help children with autism familiarize themselves with the process of flying, but without having to actually take off. This is part of the Wings for Autism nation wide program that Autism Daily Newscast has reported in the past.  JetBlue and airport officials organized […]

Israeli family kicked out of Swiss International Airlines flight because of son with autism

Geneva, Switzerland — An Israeli family who were on board a Swiss International Airlines connecting flight bound for Geneva, Switzerland were kicked out of the flight by the airline staff because of their son, who has autism. Autism Daily Newscast has reported on a similar incident with other airlines in the past. – This occurred in […]

Royal Caribbean – Autism Friendly Cruise Line

Ideally families travel as one entity and need not worry about vacationing separate; recent incidents have left families questioning this. The recent incident with United Airlines is one example where more sensitivity was required. There is a fear that appears to have crept up when planning any type of vacation; will we be asked to leave […]

Walt Disney theme parks in California sued by families affected by autism

Los Angeles, CA – Walt Disney Parks and Resorts were sued in Los Angeles Superior Court Tuesday May 12th by more then twelve families with autistic children. The suit deals with a theme park program introduced year and a half ago by the House of Mouse for people with learning and intellectual differences such as […]

Opinion: Teenage girl with autism kicked off United Airlines plane – w/video

When I read the article about the teenage girl with autism, who got kicked off a plane, I had to check to see if what I was reading was actually real. Seriously, a fifteen-year-old girl was escorted from a plane, by police because she made the pilot feel uneasy? I was completely speechless. However I […]