New Disney Travel Guide Empowers Families with Autism

Livingston, New Jersey –  Kathy Kelly, creator and host of the Special Mouse travel podcast and mother of a 17-year-old with Autism is launching a Kickstarter campaign to publish Walt Disney World with Autism: A Special Needs Guide.  The Kickstarter project aims to make first-of-its-kind resource available by end of 2015. Kelly is looking for help getting the […]

Autism Village – free app that helps families affected by autism – w/video

Autism Village – is a free ‘tripadvisor®’ app, that has been designed with the aim of helping families who are affected by autism. The app allows the user to identify autism friendly businesses, organizations, and services with the added benefit of being able to read both ratings and reviews based on how ‘autism friendly‘ that […]

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Scottish Airports encouraged to advertise Autism support

Mark McDonald SNP MEP for Aberdeen has been working alongside the National Autism Society in Scotland to make Scottish airports advertise autism support within their walls. Support can mean Fast track lanes, more airport staff on hand for families with autistic children, familiarisation programs and extra human resources for contact. Robert MacBean, policy and campaigns […]

Students Produce Safe Travel Guide for Children with Learning Difficulties.

Biddick Academy, Newcastle, Washington UK – Students at the school’s Unity Centre who are on the autism spectrum have produced a safe travel guide especially for children with learning difficulties. The travel company Nexus hopes that the guide will help young people develop the confidence to use public transport. Nexus wanted to create a travel […]

How Sar Lock Is The Unsleeping Guard At Your Door

Safety is the utmost important concern for people and privacy is just that important too. Safety starts from keeping the proper privacy and that’s why we have doors attached to the walls of our homes. However, the locks on our doors can become unreliable at times, especially when there are all the modern gadgets to […]

Protect your child with autism a lot with Travel Tot

Children love to wander around and they don’t like it when you try to stop them from doing whatever they’re doing. Those on the autism spectrum are far more likely to bolt or wander. It has been suggested that half of all those on the spectrum have wandered at one time or another. The challenge […]