Vile arsonist destroy autistic boy’s Christmas dream

Manchester, UK- Cowardly arsonists have destroyed an autistic boy’s dream Christmas present of a sensory play house in the garden, by maliciously setting fire to it. Seven year old Harvey Ratcliffe is severely autistic, and parents Fiona and Wesley had saved for months to convert the garden shed into a sensory room for their son, full of expensive light […]

Mother accused of attempted murder of autistic daughter wants to write parenting book

Traverse City, Michigan – A mother who stands accused of trying to murder her 14 year old autistic daughter and then trying to kill herself has admitted she wants to write a parenting book for parents with autistic children. Autism Daily Newscast reported the harrowing story of Kelli Stapleton on September 6. Ms Stapleton, 45 […]

Update – 19-year-old sentenced to 30 years in prison for beating teen with autism

Okeechobee, Fla. — A 19-year-old who was videotaped beating a helpless 16-year-old with autism last year has been sentenced to 30 years in prison. We reported on this vicious assault last August, Two people arrested after viciously beating a child with autism. Andrew Wheeler was sentenced to 30 years in prison after Judge Sherwood Bauer […]

Non-profit manager jailed for sexually abusing woman with autism

Melbourne, Australia — A manager for a non-profit organization in Australia has been sentenced to jail Monday after being found guilty of sexually abusing a woman with autism. Timothy Hampson has been found guilty of two counts of sexual penetration of a person with cognitive impairment, one count of theft, and one count of indecent […]

Man with autism wins five-figure payout and a police apology

North Yorkshire, England – Man with autism JP has been awarded a five-figure payout after a horrible incident that happened in 2011. JP was 33 and had traveled to York College to ask about enrolling in a course. Once done he spoke with a group of girls and gave them a hug. A misunderstanding followed […]

Couple sentenced to 8 years in prison for putting son with autism in a cage

O’Fallon, Mo. — A couple who was caught putting their son with autism in a makeshift cage was given the maximum sentence of eight years in prison Friday. Terry and Victoria Smith were found guilty of child endangerment after it was discovered that they have been keeping their son in a makeshift cage when authorities […]

11 year old boy with autism receives new bike from donor following mugging

Williamsburg, NY – An 11 year old boy with autism was the victim of a mugging in a local park early this week. Dell Jones was riding his new BMX bicycle in Lindsey Park when two assailants accosted him and beat the 5th grader about the head before taking both his bike and helmet. The […]

Man who FBI claim is the ‘largest facilitator of child porn on the planet.’ has trial delayed due to recent Asperger’s diagnosis

Ireland – A recent article published on the Breaking website told of how a 30-year-old man from Dublin, who has both Irish and US citizenship, is fighting extradition from Ireland to the United States over charges that have been made with regards to website images that depict the rape and torture of pre-pubescent children. […]

Caught on camera, eleven-year-old girl with autism attacked by two teens girls – w/video

Cleveland, Ohio– Joyce Swann is mother to an eleven-year-old girl, who was brutally attacked by two older girls on Saturday April 25. The attack was captured on cell phones, in three different clips. Ms Swann told Fox 8 Cleveland that her daughter has been bullied in the past, as her autism makes it difficult for […]

Virginia Judge finds 11 year old with autism guilty on criminal charges – w/audio

Lynchburg, Va. — A judge from Lynchburg in Virginia found an 11-year old child with autism guilty of criminal charges. He will now have a felony conviction for the rest of his life. The child, Kayleb Moon-Robinson, is a middle schooler from Linkhorne School, and has only been attending the school for a few months […]