The Autism Directory Charity is Swishing for Autism

On the 26th October, The Autism Directory will be holding the event, Swishing for Autism at The Little Shop of Calm, in Cowbridge, UK. What is swishing? The Autism Directory explains. ‘The concept is simple… you offer up our loved but no longer wanted fashion items and swap them for something else that takes your […]

Hearts and Minds Challenge Charity offers a wide range of Autism Services

Hearts and Minds Challenge is a charitable organisation that was set up in 2010 and is based in Manchester UK. It aims to support children with autism in the UK and also in Ireland.  Their Mission ‘is to raise the quality of life of individuals and their families affected by autism by ensuring the highest […]

Online Autism Charity Event: A Sensory Garden for Luiz

Janine Da Silva, 35, from Barrow In Furness UK was both delighted and grateful when a locally based fundraising fund, Harrisons Fund, offered to set up an appeal named ‘Luiz Garden Appeal’ to raise money for her son Luiz, 3, to have a fully landscaped sensory garden.   Harrison’s Fun Fund is a Facebook fundraising […]

Women With Asperger’s Share Experiences

Statistics show that males are four times more likely to receive an autism diagnosis than females. While there is strong evidence to suggest that males are more likely to develop autism, many females with ASD go diagnosed. Yesterday we reported on one British woman, Olley Edwards, who wrote a book to help other young women growing […]

Pioneering centre serving the adult autistic community in Cambridge opens

The doors of a new pioneering centre,  named after the late wife of  Nirma Sethia, located in Cambridge, UK  opened it doors.  At a cost of £1.5m ,the Chitra Sethia Autism Centre has been made possible thanks to the Autism Research Trust (ART) and the National Autistic Society (NAS) who received a grant from the N Sethia Foundation to […]

Child with autism receives service dog with the help of donations – w/video

Cement City, Mich. — A young boy with autism from Jackson County finally received his service dog through the help of donations from the community. Four-year-old Sampson Morris now enjoys the company of a golden doodle dog named Teddy, more than one year after his family started a mission to get him a service dog […]

Founder of Bristol Autism Support given award by Prime Minister David Cameron

Bristol, UK – Founder of Bristol Autism Support and mother to a child with autism, has received high praise from Prime Minister David Cameron. In 2012 Kate Laine-Toner set up Bristol Autism Support. This is a support group that helps families affected by autism. Ms Laine-Toner’s daughter Emily, was diagnosed with autism at two and-a-half. Emily […]

Update – “jumping for joy” – Maria Sevilla and son Tyrone hear official news they can stay in Australia

Australia – We have covered the story of nurse, Maria Sevilla and her son many times here on Autism Daily Newscast. Our last report can be read here. Mother and son were fearful of facing deportation to the Philippines due to the high cost of caring for Tyrone, who has autism.  Ms Sevilla and Tyrone […]

Security guard nominated for Community Hero Award after helping teen with autism – w/video

Thornhill, Ontario, Canada — A security guard for a mall in Thornhill in Ontario, Canada has been nominated for a Community Hero Award after helping a teen with autism. Ana Abreu came to the aid of a 15-year-old boy with autism who became distraught after losing his sunglasses at the Promenade Mall in the Thornhill […]

11 year old boy with autism receives new bike from donor following mugging

Williamsburg, NY – An 11 year old boy with autism was the victim of a mugging in a local park early this week. Dell Jones was riding his new BMX bicycle in Lindsey Park when two assailants accosted him and beat the 5th grader about the head before taking both his bike and helmet. The […]