Five Tips to Help Prepare your Special Needs Child for the New School Year

By the AngelSense Mothers Throughout the summer, your child probably enjoyed going to the beach, being with their friends and family, or simply playing outdoors. Although they no doubt had fun, their daily routines were likely very different from the majority of the year, and having them return for a new school year will be […]

The summer holidays are looming upon us

I know that for many parents with children on the autism spectrum, that the summer holidays can be a stressful time. This is due to all of the changes that take place, and a lack of routine resulting in heightened anxiety. School is a set routine for most of the year (Christmas is always fun) […]

Top tips for happy holidays with autism

The holiday season can be stressful, especially for children with autism. Changing routines, bright lights, unfamiliar noises and unfamiliar foods can all contribute to added pressure on a child and immediate family. Most of the stress can be lessened with careful planning in advance. Here are autism daily newscast’s top tips for avoiding undue stress […]

Autism, loneliness and Christmas

Not all people with autism will be on their own at Christmas time, and even if they are this doesn’t mean they will be lonely – it might be a self-imposed solitude that will be soothing and relaxing to the individual.  But some autistic people find themselves alone even though they have no desire to […]

Meltdowns at Christmas time, and how to avoid them

With Christmas being such a stressful time for people with autism, meltdowns can often increase in frequency. These could take place in the build up to Christmas, over Christmas time itself, or even deep in to January, during the transition back from Christmas time to normal life. The sensory, transitional and change related issues can […]

Autism – How to reduce Sensory Overload over the Christmas Holidays

The sights sounds and smells of Christmas can be overwhelming for anybody, but especially for somebody with autism.  Sensory overloads are common among autistic people, and at times of the year like Christmas where every sense is assaulted from all angles, they can be even more common and difficult.  Below are some tips on how […]

Christmas Transitions – Part 3 – The Transition back from Christmas to Everyday Life

Often people forget that the change back from Christmas to normal life can be just as difficult as the change from normal life to Christmas.  Once again everything completely changes around the person with autism, and this can cause just as many if not more problems as the original transition. Below are some tips to […]

ASK-PERGERS? Tips for Christmas & New Year

Christmas and New Year can be a time of great excitement for most children, and this can include children who have autism.  However, just because something is fun doesn’t mean it won’t be problematic.  Christmas is a time of great change, and transition.  We go from our ordinary, everyday lives to something completely different. In […]

Christmas Transitions – Part 2 – the time in-between transitions

Even if the transition in to Christmas has gone smoothly, Christmas time itself can be full of stress, and present autistic people and their families with all kinds of worries and issues.  Below are a few ways in which these can be overcome in order that everybody can get the most out of Christmas time. […]

5 top tips for autistic parents at Christmas

Ah Christmas, that time of year when you’re frantically trying to juggle actual real life with the million other things that the time of year throws your way! Don’t cry over spilt turkey gravy, blow the fuse on your cracker or 1. Plan, plan and plan s’more! We all know the date that Christmas falls […]