Mike Brannigan, An Autistic High Schooler from Long Island Runs 5K in 15 Minutes

Mike Brannigan from Long Island, New York is currently in High School and will be running in the Nike Cross National in Portland, Oregon, after he ran a 5k run in 15 minute, 29.9 seconds. Mike was diagnosed with Autism at 18 months and his family told Business Insider that he was non-verbal, hyperactive and […]

Bustin’ Barriers Offers Sports, Recreation to Children with Special-Needs

Bustin’ Barriers is a non-profit organization in Portland, Oregon, that offers children with special-needs the opportunity to break down hurdles through sports and enrichment activities. The program started out in 2012 as a week-long camp program teaching basketball skills to children with special needs. The program was a labor of love for Andrew Yoshihara, a […]

Robyn Schneider talks about her autistic twin sons who ran the New York City Marathon

Alex and Jamie Schneider, both 23, are severely autistic and non-verbal. They ran the 26.2 miles New York City Marathon on November 3. A total 48,000 runners took part in the NYC Marathon. This was the first NYC Marathon for Jamie and Alex. So far they have participated in around 130 races ranging from 5k […]

Swedish footballer makes the difference for one 8 year old fan with Williams syndrome

  What started out as a small “personal interest” story in a sports magazine suddenly became viral. Social networks across Sweden have been telling the story of Kim Källström and 8 year old Max who has Williams syndrome. Max and ten children with Williams syndrome had the pleasure to be mascots for the Swedish football stars […]

Martial Arts Kicks Butt at Developing Kids with Autism

Kids with autism may have been excluded from participating in rigorous and intense sports, but martial arts is not one of these sports. Studies have proven and parents have reported the developmental progress of their autistic children due to martial arts training. Not only do motor skills and coordination improve, but also communication skills and […]

Inspirational Anthony Ianni’s fight to overcome and educate about Autism and Bullying

Inspiration: noun an inspiring or animating action or influence: I cannot write poetry without inspiration. something inspired, as an idea. a result of inspired activity. a thing or person that inspires. Theology : a. a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul. b. the divine quality of the writings or words of a person so influenced. That, neatly sums up all this humbled Autism Daily Newscast reporter learnt about Anthony Iannis in a frank and humbling interview on a mediocre Monday afternoon. Anthony Ianni, has proved people wrong all of his life. From medical professionals who said that he would require […]

The Spirit Club: a gym for people with disabilities – w/video

Kensington, Md. — Like most people, individuals with disabilities also need to get fit in order for them to remain healthy. But this is something that communities caring for them overlook most of the time. Jared Ciner knew that keeping fit is just as important for individuals with disabilities as it is for the rest […]

14-year-old with autism bags gold medal in Special Olympics

Los Angeles — A 14-year-old with autism made history by becoming the first Indian golfer to join and win at the Special Olympics World Games, which was recently held in Los Angeles. Ranveer Singh Saini, who was diagnosed with autism at age two, bagged a gold medal Friday at the GF Golf-Level 2 Alternate Shot […]

Nike creates Flyease shoes for individuals with disabilities – w/video

Fort Myers, Fla. — In 2012, a then-16-year-old Matthew Walzer was just as anxious about putting on his shoes on his own as he was about getting into college. Matthew has cerebral palsy, and due to this, his physical abilities are limited. He couldn’t put his shoes on without someone helping him, and this made […]

Special needs students swim relay across the English Channel – w/video

San Diego — A group of special needs students from San Diego once again proved people that they can do more than what is expected of them. One of the students, Kaylee Kussman, told: “Whenever people tell us we can’t do something, we love to prove them wrong.” The students, who are mostly battling either […]