Sharisa Kochmeister update: 6 more months before next court date

Autism Daily Newscast has been keeping track of any developments in the Sharisa Kochmeister case and what we consider to be a violation of her human rights. This reporter fully expected Sharisa to have been returned back to her parents by now, but after speaking with her father, Jan Kochmeister and asking for an update, I’ve found out […]

School threatens 6-year-old with autism with year-long suspension for ‘bad behavior’ – w/video

Crowley, La. — A six-year-old boy with autism has been threatened by his school with a year-long suspension for allegedly displaying ‘bad behavior‘ in his classes during the first week of the new school year, which has just recently started. Xavier Peters’ mother, LaKesha, was called to pick her son up after the young boy […]

What is the latest on Sharisa Kochmeister? an update interview with her father

By now many of our readers will be familiar with the case of Sharisa Joy Kochmeisters, who was removed from her family’s care against her will. Her human rights were removed and she was subsequent placed into an entirely unsuitable care facility for patients with Dementia. Sharisa had her own legal guardianship, but has had it […]

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Lawyers accuse boy with autism of instigating fight after he was beaten in a school bus

Orlando, Fla. — Lawyers representing the Seminole County School Board accused a young teenage boy with autism of instigating a fight during an incident on a school bus where he was beaten while he was restrained in a harness that he wore to keep him safe. The lawyers also accused his mother of failing to […]

Canadian government cuts woman with severe autism’s financial support

Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada — The Ontario government has decided to cut its financial support to a 44-year-old woman with severe autism after finding out she still has $7,000 in her account. Jennifer James is unable to speak, read, write, and is not fit to hold a job of any kind on her own due to […]

Advocates call for Sharisa Kochmeister’s freedom

Denver — An autism advocate is reportedly being held against her will in a Jefferson County care home. Sharisa Kochmeister is a 36-year-old college graduate who was diagnosed with autism, epilepsy, and cerebral palsy. She was a member of the Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council executive committee, and was once the president of the Autism National […]

UPDATE: case on caging of student with autism in Australian school still not over

Canberra, Australia — It has been 16 weeks since investigation on an incident involving a student with autism who was caged in a primary school in Australia started, and it looks like the inquiry being held by authorities still isn’t about to end anytime soon. According to ACT Education Minister Joy Burch’s office, however, the […]

Petition Update – Bring Stephen home

Islington, UK – Bring my son Stephen home & care for him in our community #bringstephenhome – Back in January we reported on the case of Stephen Andrade, a young man with severe autism, who after a long stay in a psychiatric unit at St Andrew’s Hospital, Northampton, 60 miles away from his family home, […]

Judge drops charges against teacher accused of maltreating child with autism

Monroe County, Pa. — A teacher charged with three counts of child abuse after allegedly abusing a young boy with autism, who was also his student, found six out of the nine charges filed against her dropped by Magisterial District Judge Brian Germano. Suzanne Dellorusso, who worked as a support staff for Middle Smithfield Elementary […]

Autistic 6th Grader Assaulted by School Cop, Now He is a Convicted Felon Read

Lynchburg, VA — Nothing wreaks of the police state like police officers assaulting and arresting children at school; especially an 11-year-old boy with autism. Meet Kayleb Moon-Robinson, a 6th grader at Linkhorne Middle School, whose life has been forever changed thanks to the American police state. Kayleb’s problems began one day as a teacher was […]