Cops who shot man with autism get $3 million more in settlement than victim’s mother

Los Angeles — Two police officers from the Los Angeles Police Department are getting $4 million in settlement after claiming that they have been discriminated against at work— nearly five years after facing charges for shooting a man with autism in the face. Both officers were allegedly responsible for shooting a man with ASD at […]

Young man with autism persuaded by peers to jump in icy ocean

Manasquan, N.J. — A 19-year-old man with autism was persuaded by two men to jump in an icy ocean and stay there for a minute in exchange for two packs of cigarettes and $20. Peter Drake, of Howell, struggled in the frigid water for five minutes and nearly drowned. Apart from being diagnosed with autism, […]

Officer reprimanded again over arrest of individual with autism – w/video

Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada — An officer from the Canadian Royal Newfoundland Constabulary is in the hot seat again nearly six years after she was first reprimanded for the arrest of a teen with autism— for a similar case. RNC Const. Lisa Harris was first reprimanded in 2009 after arresting a teen with autism in the […]

When caregivers fail – what happens to autism acceptance?

What happens when caregivers of autistic individuals fail to do their jobs? Last week I read the incredibly disturbing story about the young autistic man who attacked a baby while out walking with two ‘carers.’ The Daily Mail reports that the young man involved, clawed at the baby’s face, ‘leaving his face scratched and bloody.’ […]

UPDATE: Handcuffing of children with autism by police is never appropriate

Ottawa, Canada – No parent wants to receive that dreaded phone call from school advising them to come immediately because something has happened with their child. As a parent of a teenager with classic autism, I can tell you first hand that my heart skips a beat when I see the phone number of my […]

Lawsuit alleges school kept young boy with autism in ‘isolation rooms’ – w/video

Toronto, Canada — A family filed charges against the Canadian Peel School District Board for $16 million after their son, who has autism, was reportedly kept in so-called ‘isolation rooms’ multiple times as a punishment. The young boy, Christian Thorndyke, was reportedly kept away from all the other children at five different Peel schools in […]

Mother of teenager with autism, pleads for his release from young offenders Institute

Shetland, Scotland– On December 16 we reported on the story of Samuel Barlow, a 16-year-old who had gone on on an airgun rampage on the island, as he wanted the police officers he threatened to shoot him and kill him. Samuel’s father told of how his son had been “pushed over the edge” by bullying […]

Autistics at risk of harm at the hands of those who to protect them

This week, Autism Daily Newscast highlights the many recent events surrounding the issues of law enforcement, the justice system and how they affect those on the autism spectrum. We have articles by mothers with autistic sons, who worry about them getting into trouble with the law and the possible resulting outcomes. However it is not […]

Solicitor justifies tasing and arrest of man with autism

Editor’s Note: This news report from last week, launches our series this week on the issues surrounding autism and the criminal justice system. Beside opinion pieces by our reporters and contributors Autism Daily Newscast will also be bringing you some updates on related stories. Reader comments on all stories is welcomed below. Greenville, S.C. — The […]

Gun drawn on Mississippi 6-year-old child with autism.

Ridgeland, MS – Agnela Thompson Roby and her husband are seeking the help from the FBI after the Ridgeland Police Department allegedly drew a gun on their six-year-old son with autism The incident took place at her mother’s home when police arrived to arrest her 23-year-old brother Carneigio Gray for being in contempt of court […]