Teen with Asperger’s creates documentary to inspire children with autism

Glenview, Ill. — An 18-year-old with Asperger’s Syndrome is determined to create a documentary aimed at helping others like him. Connor Olen was inspired to create the documentary after experiencing firsthand the struggles that individuals on the spectrum have to face— when he auditioned for a school play and didn’t get in — due to […]

Protesters claim autism advocacy group is not what it seems

Vancouver — A group of protesters showed up at a walk organized to raise money for non-profit organization Autism Speaks at the Swangard Stadium in Burnaby. The protesters were claiming that the non-profit organization is doing more harm than good to individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s Alanna Whitney, who was […]

Mother set to run 120 miles for Autism Society of Heartland, Kansas

Leawood, Mo. — A mother of a 12-year-old with autism has started a 120-mile run for the benefit of the Autism Society of Heartland in Knasas Sydney Sorkin wants to raise money for the organization to help them give out free swimming lessons to children with autism. Sorkin’s desire to help Autism Society of Heartland […]

The time someone asked me if I had permission

While promoting the blog I share it with a lot of organisations and groups of people from all over the world. When I decided to do the ‘Tis the holiday season’ video series in July, I got a message from a person which has stayed with me since. They asked: “Does Christos get any say […]

School for children with autism to open next fall in Tennessee

Johnson City, Tenn. — A group of mothers of children with autism in Johnson City, Tennessee were worried about how their children were having problems trying to fit in while attending traditional schools. Despite the fact that many are now aware of the steadily increasing number of those affected by autism spectrum disorder, resources and […]

Step into my Shoes campaign by Campaign for Disability Awareness Lessons

Plymouth, UK – The Step into my Shoes campaign is a message that we wish to promote with our disability awareness stalls and workshops. Step into my Shoes is our very own interactive disability awareness stall at various fetes and workshops around the Plymouth area. The campaign is all about changing society’s perceptions towards people […]

Autism advocates struggle to help less fortunate individuals with autism in Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria — Two very driven women have been striving hard to extend as much help as they can to individuals with autism in Nigeria. Comprehensive Autism and related Disabilities Education and Training (CADET) Academy Executive Director Lola Aneke and Our Lady of Guadalupe Health Foundation and Autism Center Clinical Director Dr. Doris Izuvah have […]

Mother and child with autism face deportation in Australia

Sydney — Less than a month after a young child with autism was spared from being deported in Australia, another child with autism is in danger of being forced to leave the country. But unlike 10-year-old Tyrone Sevilla, who was told to leave due to his disability, Emiline Lim will be deported because of rather unfortunate […]

Singing group helps to raise autism awareness

Hampshire, UK – A local singing group for adults with ASD is aiming to raise autism awareness by performing for members of the public throughout the community. The Singing Spectrum is a unique group consisting of adults with autism that provides an avenue through which its members can connect with the public through music. They perform at […]

UPDATE: Young boy with autism facing deportation in Australia told he can stay

Queensland, Australia — Tyrone Sevilla is a 10-year-old boy who was diagnosed with autism at age three. He was brought by his mother, Maria, to Australia with her when he was just two years old. Earlier this year they were told that Tyrone can not stay in the country because he was deemed a ‘burden […]