Father asks Alabama lawmakers to allow his daughter with autism to try medical marijuana

Alabaster, Alabama – Mary Ann Coleman is a 13-year-old school girl who has autism. She attends day school at Glenwood Autism & Behavioral Health Center. In a report that they recently sent home it states that Mary Ann tried to self harm, a total of 337 times. Mary Anne’s father told Alabama.com that on a […]

Young boy pleads for his friend not to be deported just because he has autism – w/video

Queensland, Australia — An 11-year-old child pleaded before Australia’s Q&A show’s panelists for his 10-year-old friend not to be deported just because he has autism. We last reported on this story back in September, our report, 9 Year old boy faces deportation back to Philippines  because of autism, can be read here. Ethan Egart took […]

Jakarta autism center’s operations put to a halt by legalities

Jakarta, Indonesia — An autism center launched barely a year ago was forced to stop its operations due to a failure on the government’s part to come up with the signed papers which are reportedly vital to the center’s continued functioning. The center, located in Cipayung, East Jakarta, is run by the Jakarta Social Affairs […]

Bangladesh government to develop foster care system for children with autism

Dhaka, Bangladesh — The Bangladesh government is planning to develop a foster care system for children with autism in the country, as well as those with other neurodevelopmental disabilities, according to health ministry sources. According to reports, the government’s plan of organizing the foster care system is in line with its goal of helping children […]

Proposed autism therapy insurance bill unsucessful

Tennessee – Democratic State Senator Sara Kyle has revealed her disappointment in the Senate Committee for deciding against a proposed autism behavioral therapy bill. The proposed legislation  would have cost over $200 million dollars by requiring insurance companies to provide applied behavioral analysis (ABA) to children and adolescents on the spectrum. Ultimately ABA is considered […]

Virginia House of Delegates Approves New Legislation on Autism

Richmond, Va. — The House of Delegates in Virginia has approved a new legislation that raises the age limit of insurance coverage for children with autism to 10 years old. The state’s current law only allows for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) aged two to six years, to be covered by insurance providers in […]

Philadelphia steps up efforts to help individuals with autism prepare for their future

Philadelphia — Despite being named as ‘one of the best cities’ to live in for individuals on the autism spectrum in the U.S., Philadelphia steps up its efforts in making the city even better for its citizens living with ASD. The city’s ‘Philadelphia Autism Project’ was kickstarted as the city worries that thousands of children […]

UPDATE: Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe grants Reginald “Neli” Latson conditional pardon

Disability organizations have been working very hard the past few months to bring attention to the incarceration of Reginald “Neli” Latson and their work has paid off. This week, Governor Terry McAuliffe granted Neli a conditional pardon. He will now be transferred to a secure treatment center located in Florida where he can receive the […]

Senior Scottish Councillor Willie Young asked to step down over autism remarks

Aberdeen, Scotland – A dispute has developed between an Aberdeen MSP and a senior city councillor regarding the services provided for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The conflict between both Willie Young and Mark McDonald over delays in the local government’s autism strategy resulted in inflammatory remarks being posted by the former on social media […]

Pennsylvania – individuals with autism get tangled up in legal system

Pennsylvania, USA – State published data shows that people with autism get caught up in legal systems more frequently. The data was released on November 13th to the Pennsylvania Autism Census Project and showed that people with autism who had contact with criminal justice system rose from 659 per 10,000 in 2005 to 1,423 in […]