New app claims to assess and improve autism symptoms

Boston – Akili Interactive Labs, whose parent company is PureTech, has partnered with Delivering Scientific Innovations for Autism (DELSIA) a not-for-profit subsidiary of Autism Speaks, to fund a study to test Akili’s new app Project:EVO Akili COO Eddie Martucci told Mobile Health News. “We are very excited to have the involvement and backing of such […]

Barcelona creates apps for people with autism

Barcelona, Spain – The Planeta Imaginario Foundation in Barcelona has created two apps that could help people with autism. The first app is iSecuencias. It is programmed with one hundred scenes that teach language structure and how to recognize emotions. “We entered a contest held by the Generalitat,, and we won,” Rodriguez told Mobile […]

Doctor creates social app for people with Autism

The Bronx, NY – Director of the Montefiore Einstein Center for Autism and Communication Disorders, Dr. Michele Dunn has created an app to help people on the autism spectrum navigate social situations better. The app is called Dr. Dunn and was inspired by a student who asked for a way to get help with social […]

App Review – Tom Taps Speaks by Seer Technologies, Inc.

Tom Taps Speaks –  is a communication app that is aimed at individuals with special needs and communication difficulties, including autism. The app is available for free download from the iTunes store. The iTunes store has the following description: ‘Form new friendships and bridge gaps with Tom Taps. Tom Taps is a communication app to […]

Samsung launches ‘Look at Me’ app for children with autism

Ottawa, Canada — Korean electronics giant Samsung announced Monday the debut of an app they specifically developed to help children on the autism spectrum improve their social skills. The app, called ‘Look at Me’, helps children with autism better express their emotions by assisting them in identifying facial expressions as well as establishing eye contact […]

App Review – Autism 2 Ability TALK app

Autism 2 Ability – is a not-for-profit organization that is based in Mobile, Alabama. Their mission is to develop and administer programs for families with special needs children, including those children with autism, as well as promoting autism awareness. Their website states: “We seek to eliminate barriers so young people with special needs can achieve […]

Birdhouse for Autism App helps families with children on the spectrum

DETROIT – An app specifically developed by Birdhouse, helps families and caregivers of children with autism to keep track of their children’s daily activities via the collection of important data. The Birdhouse for Autism app was designed to monitor all the essential information needed to help families and health workers get a better understanding of […]

Purdue App Gives Children With Non-Verbal Autism a Voice

West Lafayette, IN – Purdue University has developed an app that teaches children with non-verbal autism how to speak. The app is called SPEAKall! and works by using pictures of the child’s favorite foods, toys and other familiar items. The pictures are moved to the bottom of the screen by the child, which prompts the […]

Snailday to Launch Soon on the App Store

Snailday, Stockholm – Anton Håkanson is the Founder and lead designer of Snailday which is a company that have designed a digital calendar for people with autism. They recently announced on their website that they will be able to create and launch an IPhone app that will be available through the App Store. Autism Daily […]

Avaz, a picture based app, helps children wth ASD

India, Azaz app – This is India’s first augmented and alternative communication software and it is currently helping children with autism spectrum disorders. Children at a specialist school in New Delhi were very interested to try out this new app. Many of the children in Jagdamba Gosain’s class have autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy and […]