SEN Assist, Specialist Software for Children on the Autistic Spectrum

Adele Devine is a specialist teacher who works in an Autism specific school. As well as being co-founder with her husband Quentin of the Award Winning SEN Assist which offer products and resources for children with special educational needs. They are ‘a couple on a mission to help ALL students access an individual education and […]

Eating Made Palatable and Fun for Children with Autism

Autism affects every area of a person’s life, even the daily arena of eating. Many children who are not diagnosed on the autism spectrum simply pick up their fork and start eating, even thought they might be inclined to skip over the greens. There are no triggers about mealtime that would disturb the enjoyment of […]

Entrepreneur Seeks Funding for Therapeutic Zoobit Puzzles

Cody Rauh is a designer who works in the 3D Print and Digital Industry. He also volunteers at a children’s hippotherapy camp in Colorado Springs that uses horses to help children with autism and other developmental disabilities. After working with these children for several months, he realized that many of them had motor difficulties that […]

New Criteria For Choosing Gifts And Toys For Autistic Children

PRLog (Press Release) – Dec. 6, 2012 – Shining Abilities, a company producing toys for Autistic children, has designed a selection process to help select the perfect gift for a child with Autism.  Often parents, friends, and grandparents are unsure of what gifts or toys to buy for holidays or birthdays.  They tend to want […]

Autism Professor creates game to teach interpretation of social cues

UNIVERSITY PARK, PA – Elisabeth Whyte, a postdoctoral research assistant and psychology lecturer at Penn State, is also a gamer.  Her own World of Warcraft podcast has over 15,000 visitors a month. Whyte states that even though she studies Autism, she is an avid gamer which gives her an advantage to understand game development, create […]

Mom Develops Social Skills Game

Like any parent, Pamela DePalma has made sacrifices to help her son, Daniel, who has Aspergers Syndrome. She moved from Illinois to Phoenix, Arizona, seeking better services. It was there that she met Rhonda Whitaker, a child development specialist who worked with Daniel. She created a game, using Monopoly pieces, designed to teach social skills […]