An Unlikely Super Duo – Merrick and his service dog

The following is a guest post by Jessica Lyons. Her three-year-old son Merrick has autism and owns Toby, a love-able service dog. My son, like most sons to a mother, is my super hero. What sets him apart from other super heroes, is that he has a sidekick named Toby, who just as equally a super hero in […]

Service Dog Horror Story – Don’t let this happen to you

In 2013 after doing a little bit of research we decided that a service dog could help our young daughter Ara who is diagnosed with autism as well as other health conditions. We found an organization, Great Lakes Assistance Dogs (GLAD) in MI that seemed to be great, they even helped us come up with tasks that the […]

Pet Therapy and Service Dogs for Autism

Earlier this year, a  study carried out by researchers at the University of Missouri confirmed what many parents have known for years – pets can help those children on the autism spectrum with social skills as well as helping with assertiveness. Science has proven that interacting with animals especially pets can have a deep impact on […]

7 Tips for getting a service dog for an autistic child

Over the last several years research and anecdotal stories show that a dog can significantly improve the quality of life of an autistic child. This has caused a surge in interest and has unfortunately also created a surge in providers who are more interested in the $30,000 price tag than in helping a family. Here […]

The Positive Traits of Autism – Part 10 – Strong Bonds with Animals

Autistic people can often have very strong bonds with animals.  Whether this is a pet, a farm animal, or even a wild animal.  When asked nearly every body with autism questioned said that the bonds and understanding they had with animals was one of the most positive aspects of their autism. This isn’t to say […]

One Family’s Life with a Service Dog for Autism

Cry Worley, mom to Sasha who has autism and severe ADHD and is founder of the A.Skate Foundation, shared her story of living with a service dog for autism exclusively with the Autism Daily Newscast. Cry Worley’s son, Sasha, is 11 years old. Worley read about service dogs for autism and always wanted to offer […]

Should autistic children be allowed service dogs at school?

In recent years service dogs for children with autism have become a valuable resource for the autistic community and have been proven to significantly decrease cases of wandering, and increase a child’s social interaction. Autism daily Newscast reported on the benefits of Service dogs to a child with autism on February 1. There is a […]