Create your Family Bucket List for Travelling

Total Assessible TravelHave I elevated your curiosity – Have you began looking at travel brochures? There is still trepidation?

If you have glanced at all of my articles and recent travel posts, I hope that you are beginning to realize that a family vacation together is achievable.

Get a piece of paper and begin to construct your “Family Bucket List”- the places you have wanted to visit, but have kept on the back-burner.

I recently arranged a vacation for a family at a Club Med Family All-Inclusive in Ixtapa, Mexico. These clients have two children who are on the spectrum; however, they are polar opposites. One child is a water baby and the other cannot stand anything to do with water (including bath time!); however, he loves anything to do with being a detective.

My team and I put together a treasure hunt for him to gather various articles and to take pictures while participating in some family fun… swimming, water slide etc. He has been given the title as our ‘Travel For All Tester’ and when he returns with all of the tasks completed, he will have a choice of some ‘bonuses’- t-shirts, ball caps, back pack with ‘sleuth equipment’. As far as he is concerned he will be on assignment and will wear a ‘special name tag’ which reads ‘Travel Tester his name ‘.

travel imageIt’s all about how you approach your child and if they feel like an essential part of the vacations success, the odds are in your favor! The first step is to truly believe that travel is not as scary as you may think!

What about An African adventure in the heart of California wine country; explore the Sonoma Serengeti on an African wildlife safari alongside romping herds of exotic wildlife or relax in a luxury safari tent under the gaze of a graceful giraffe! I have a long list of some wonderful family vacations spots globally – Disneyland in Paris, Hawaii or in the U.S… there are many great choices. Disney Cruise Lines has some great programs for children with barriers to travel; cruise with the cast of characters: Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse etc.

Endless family adventures await you! We would love to hear from you to ask questions, share your own successes, share your concerns…

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