Patterns for Success – Beware Your Instincts

Career SuccessIt’s been a bit of a wild ride for me this year so far. So much change is going on, and sometimes (usually) I’m not good at giving myself the buffer and the time needed to adjust. Along with starting to write for Autism Daily Newscast, I’ve taken on a number of other responsibilities both inside and outside of work. And it brought out something that I think a lot of us struggle with: misinterpreting peoples’ intent.

After many years and a lot of hard work, I’ve got a great career going for myself. That’s part of why I really wanted to share some things that have worked for me, as well as some things that I still struggle with. If, for no other reason, to reassure you that you’re not alone in this.

Recently I noticed some changes in the behavior of people in the leadership team above me at work. My boss, especially was acting differently. I didn’t know what his intentions were, but his actions got me a bit scared that maybe they’d gotten sick of this odd guy who prefers to work from dark corners and who shies away from large social gatherings like the Christmas party. The work that I was doing seemed to be along the lines of “teach someone else what you know about your job”.

I’d had some conversations with my Vice President about how my role might change, but there wasn’t anything solid in front of me. Just speculation of what might be a more effective use of my capabilities. It’d been a few weeks since our last conversation about the subject, and while I had no reason to believe the thought had past, I was still uncertain about what the future might hold.

Among a bunch of small changes in my routine, my boss moved my regular bi-weekly one-on-one meeting. Instead of being first thing Thursday morning, it was moved to end-of-business Friday afternoon. And instead of our regular meeting room (which was available), it was moved to an adjacent building into a conference room right next to the building exit.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? What I was thinking at this point was that my job at Bronto was over, that somehow I’d done something egregiously wrong and they were pushing me out the door.

I didn’t want to wait until Friday for this. If I was going to get fired, I want to know right now.

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