Northern Michigan launches first autism assessment and treatment clinic

Mt Pleasant, MI — Central Michigan University (CMU) has just launched the first ever clinic for the assessment of autism.  in Northern Michigan. The program  received a grant from Michigan’s Department of Community Health, which funded the entire project. CMU’s graduate school students will aid in the diagnosis and treatment of children with Autism Spectrum […]

Applied Behavioural Analysis – First hand accounts

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), one of the first things mentioned when your child receives a diagnosis of Autism. The paediatrician may recommend it and you are sure to read glowing reports about it. The ultimate goal of ABA? To make your child indistinguishable from their peers. To stop all self stimulating behaviour and enforce eye […]

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Limitations Apparent in Applied Behavior Analysis Research

Editor’s Note: We at Autism Daily Newscast were not surprised at the strong reaction to the recent BBC4 documentary ‘Autism: Challenging Behaviour’ that aired earlier this week. We had been reviewing various conversations on ABA in Facebook groups and other chats. We assigned one of our journalists to report on the current state of ABA […]

ASkate Skateboarding Event for Children with Autism in Paris

Music blared and families were everywhere with their children eagerly awaiting their turn to hop on a skateboard at the Askate skateboarding event at the Vans Showdown in Parc de la Vilette on August 31. After speaking  with founder Crys Worley, Autism Newscast reporter, Alix Strickland, headed to the Parc de la Vilette Vans showroom […]

Utah Provides Free ABA Therapy for Autism through Medicaid’s Pilot Program

The Utah Department of Health issued a notice on their website that parents of an autistic child between the ages of two and six could enroll the child in a pilot program by Medicaid. Referred to as the Utah Medicaid Autism Waiver, this pilot program would treat about three hundred children through Applied Behavior Analysis […]

Military families with autism may lose out on ABA therapies

Virginia Beach,VA – Proposed changes to military healthcare system TRICARE going into effect October 20, has both parents and those who provide for children on the spectrum upset. Both claim that the changes will make the world renowned autism therapy, applied behavior analysis (ABA) cost more and be provided less. Suzanna Myers, who has a […]

Waitaki Autism Trust provides funding for parents to use ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis).

Oamaru, Otago, New Zealand – Waitaki Autism Trust was established in December last year by Yanina Vidal and Stephanie Peters. The Otago Daily Times reports that it was set up as a support network in the Oamaru area and a way to provide funding for parents to use ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis). Ms Vidal and […]

More States Debate Insurance Mandates to Cover Autism Treatments – Update

Raising a child with autism is expensive, and many families in the United States are still struggling to get by without any help from insurance companies. Several states are considering legislation that would require insurance to cover some therapies and treatments for children with autism. Here are the latest updates Kansas A bill that would […]

Utah’s experimental autism “lottery” program hopes to be made permanent.

Utah, U.S – it is hoped that a bill will make Utah’s experimental autism “lottery” program permanent. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the $2 million measure, HB88, would be able to continue the program in perpetuity and would provide 270 autistic children annual access to Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). The bill would also require […]

More States May Require Insurance to Cover Autism Therapy – Part 2

Raising a child with autism is expensive. The cost of therapies alone is staggering. Factor in the increased probability that your child will suffer from other, co-occurring medical issues, such as seizures or gastro-intestinal issues, and the costs continue to skyrocket. Obamacare has helped some families by eliminating insurance company’s right to refuse coverage based […]