Free AutisMate Demo – YOUR Comprehensive App for Autism

SpecialNeedsWare, LLC, a New York-based software development firm established to improve and enrich the lives of those with special needs through modern technology, creators of the AutisMate app have released a free demo version of its iPad app for adults and children with autism called AutisMate LITE. AutisMate LITE gives users a taste of AutisMate, […]

Press Release – The app DayCape is finally available on the App store!

DayCape (previously known as Snailday) is an app that mostly helps children on the autistic spectrum to manage their daily structure and routine. The app during the summer has only been available for a certain test group to make sure that it’s really helpful. But after the feedback from the summer test users, the DayCape team […]

Press Release – Autism talent discovery is now available and you can donate to facilitate its development

London –, the online video game that develops the strengths and talents of those with autism is now available as a prototype. Following its initial success, is now crowdfunding on to develop a collection of games. The collection will cover a wide spectrum of autistic savant skills such as visual analytic […]

New app claims to assess and improve autism symptoms

Boston – Akili Interactive Labs, whose parent company is PureTech, has partnered with Delivering Scientific Innovations for Autism (DELSIA) a not-for-profit subsidiary of Autism Speaks, to fund a study to test Akili’s new app Project:EVO Akili COO Eddie Martucci told Mobile Health News. “We are very excited to have the involvement and backing of such […]

App Review – Tom Taps Speaks by Seer Technologies, Inc.

Tom Taps Speaks –  is a communication app that is aimed at individuals with special needs and communication difficulties, including autism. The app is available for free download from the iTunes store. The iTunes store has the following description: ‘Form new friendships and bridge gaps with Tom Taps. Tom Taps is a communication app to […]

Snailday, A Digital Calendar for People With Autism

Anton Håkanson, Founder and lead designer of Snailday, Stockholm – Snailday is a company which consists of a small but dedicated team of designers and developers who they state are: ‘trying to make the world a little better by creating a digital calendar for people with autism.’ Autism Daily Newscast heard about the project and […]