Applied Behavioural Analysis – First hand accounts

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), one of the first things mentioned when your child receives a diagnosis of Autism. The paediatrician may recommend it and you are sure to read glowing reports about it. The ultimate goal of ABA? To make your child indistinguishable from their peers. To stop all self stimulating behaviour and enforce eye […]

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Insurance coverage for ABA therapy not uniform in the US

Insurance coverage for applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy for children with autism is still not consistent throughout the United States, even with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The new law puts in place a variety of provisions that improve coverage for health care services related to autism, including eliminating pre-existing condition clauses, covering […]

Oregon State panel to decide State applied behavioral analysis (ABA) coverage

An evidence-based medicine review panel in Oregon is considering adding applied behavioral analysis (ABA) to the Oregon State Health Plan. A previous panel rejected the therapy in 2008, citing lack of controlled trials. ABA is up for review once again after the state Legislature unanimously passed SB 365, requiring all private health insurance companies to […]

TRICARE will Require Authorization to Continue ABA Services to Military Families with Autistic Children

Starting July 25th, this Thursday, the military’s healthcare insurer, TRICARE, will enact stricter qualifications to their current policy regarding the continuation of Applied Behavioral Analysis services to families with autistic children. This cold affect more than 23,000 military dependents who have a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder. At the same time that TRICARE will expand […]

Military families with autism may lose out on ABA therapies

Virginia Beach,VA – Proposed changes to military healthcare system TRICARE going into effect October 20, has both parents and those who provide for children on the spectrum upset. Both claim that the changes will make the world renowned autism therapy, applied behavior analysis (ABA) cost more and be provided less. Suzanna Myers, who has a […]

Autism and Insurance Coverage in the United States – Updates

Several states took steps towards mandating insurance coverage for autism therapies. Here are the latest updates: Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed a bill requiring companies with over 51 employees to provide insurance coverage for children under 12 years of age starting next year. Other health plans will be required to offer coverage in 2016. It […]