S.B. Linton’s “Teens With Autism” Book Review

Author S. B. Linton is renowned for writing writing books with the intention of helping children with autism in the through an array of lesson ideas and activities for the classroom and home environment. Linton’s most recent book, Teens with Autism: Apps, Ideas for Lessons, & Common Core Reading Connections for Teens and Young Adults […]

Sturdiness is Standard with Motorola Razr i

The stand-out feature of the Motorola Razr i is its commitment to excellence in design and durability. It is exceptionally well-made of the highest quality materials on the market. This phone can take a beating! The screen front is made of splash-proof corning Gorilla Glass, the back is comprised of Kevlar, and it has an […]

Hackathons helping create Technology for Autism

Coming up on July 20th-21st in San Francisco, CA, is the Autism Hackathon, a 24-hour event located at Twilio Headquarters. This particular Hackathon will focus on the design apps to specifically help adults on the autism spectrum handle and succeed in five important areas of life: employment, post secondary education, romantic relationships, finding roommates, and […]

iPad Apps Improve Classroom Experience

iPad apps are positively changing how children socialize, learn, and communicate in the classroom. At Rawlson Road Middle School, in Rock Hill South Carolina, teacher Stacy Hunter’s middle school class learns about positively relating to others – in this case, tolerance of other students’ intolerance with them.  Hunter’s students used their iPads, in a collaborative […]

Toca Boca interactive apps for children with autism – w/video

Toca Boca -is a play studio that makes digital toys for children. Their interactive apps are brightly colored, fun and allow children to play in a safe digital environment. The Stockholm based company has to date made 27 apps. The Toca Boca philosophy states: ‘We think playing and having fun is the best way to […]

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Look At Me – My view is that we do not need this app for children with Autism

Back in December, Samsung launched ‘Look at Me’ the interactive camera app for children with autism. More can be read on their website here. We also covered this story, and again this can be read here. The Samsung website states: “[The Look at Me Project is] designed to create a shared community to connect families […]

Assistive Technology Improves Access to Education for Children with Autism

The rapid growth in the development and use of assistive technology in recent years has significantly improved access to education for children with autism. A multitude of assistive technology devices are now available for all children to use in public schools, and special attention has been given to assistive technology to help children with autism […]

Assistive Technology for Children with Autism Shows Rapid Advances Since the 1980s

Children with autism currently have a variety of assistive technology devices available to them to help them with communication, executive functions, and organizing their daily routines. Devices utilize all levels of technology, from simple picture schedules to multifunction augmentative communicators. These devices have seen a rapid advance in the level of technology they utilize over […]