Ari Ne’eman, First Autistic Presidential Appointee, on Living with Autism, Finding a Cure, and Neurodiversity

Last December, President Obama appointed Ari Ne’eman to the National Council on Disability (NCD), a panel that advises the President and Congress on ways to reform health care, schools, support services, and employment policy to better the lives of people living with disabilities. His nomination was controversial to many in the autism community, due to […]

That dress on the internet that went viral – views from an autistic mind

The white/gold versus blue/black dress, divided the internet. What colour was it? The debate over that dress all began when a photograph of the dress was posted on Tumblr with the question, “what colors are this dress,” and as they say the rest is history. Due to the photograph beng badly lit, a fierce debate […]

Ari Ne’eman Wins Ruderman Family Foundation Award

NEW JERSEY- The Ruderman Family Foundation (REF) announced the¬†winner of its annual Morton E Ruderman Award in Inclusion on January 26th as Ari Ne’eman. The award of $100,000 recognises those people who have made an incredible contribution to include all people with disabilities. The Ruderman Family Foundation includes all people with disabilities as vital and […]

Documentary about Alex Spourdalakis continues to provoke strong reactions

A documentary about the final days of Alex Spourdalakis is causing controversy among advocacy groups in the autism community. Alex was the teenage boy who was killed by his mother and godmother after a highly-publicized stay at a Chicago-area hospital. The movie was produced by The Autism Media Channel, and was directed by Dr. Andrew […]