Autistic Advocacy – can we ever take someone’s voice away? Opinion

I am autistic. I sit merrily on the Spectrum, and am proud of my Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis, as fresh as it is. I will also quite clearly state that I do not need an advocate, my voice, my opinions are solely my own and I have absolutely no problems in voicing concerns clearly and concisely. […]

MTV News Waffles on Supporting #ActuallyAutistic

Last week, MTV News ran a story about how many autistic people were speaking out in protest against Autism Speaks‘ stated intent to find a cure for autism. But shortly after going online, it was quietly removed. Freelance writer Robin Lempel wrote the article for MTV News, which we were able to get a copy […]

The euthanasia of Nancy Fitzmaurice – Opinion

Nancy Fitzmaurice – As a mother to a young son on the autism spectrum I have found this opinion piece extremely difficult to write. However, I believe that we have to share the opinions that have been aired about the euthanasia of this little girl. Last week I read about the High Court’s decision to […]