Ageing and Autism – the invisible generation

The National Society of Autism Scotland, UK  has recently voiced it’s concerns over an ageing demographic of people with Autism or ASD, who are slipping through the net in terms of care because they haven’t been diagnosed. This is a problem on a larger, worldwide scale. We regularly read that the diagnosis rate within children […]

‘Me’ time for parents with Autistic children. Impossible?

Having a child diagnosed with Autism, must be one of the most stressful challenges facing any family. Most parents struggle with the void of communication, emotional responses and unexplainable behaviour, tantrums, frustration and behavioural difficulties a child with Autism cannot help but exhibit. How important is taking a time-out? Doing something for yourself once in […]

Autism treatment should be adapted according to gender

A recent study published in Brain Neuroscience Journal has indicated that differential treatments should be offered to Autistic individuals according to their gender. Historically, as autism has been more prevalent (up to three to five times more so depending on population) in young boys, studies have centered around treatment for the male brain, this new […]

Canadian mother of a child with autism refused translation of autism diagnosis into English

New Brunswick, Canada — a mother from Moncton has been trying to have her son’s autism diagnosis translated to English since August, but to no avail. Editor’s Note: We were about to go to press with this story when we received note that a good Samaritan has come forward to help with the translation. From […]