Beer event to raise money for autism charity

Staten Island, NY – An autism fundraiser being held in the form of a beer event will be taking place at the Snug Harbour Cultural and Botanical Gardens in Livingston on January 24. It’s the second annual event of its kind and proceeds will be donated to the Autism Speaks organization. In 2014 the event […]

Gated community forces closure of autism center in Malaysia

PETALING, JAYA- A woman whose dream was to open an autism center in a gated community in Cheras was forced to move out. The new autism center had only been open for five days. Autism Consultancy founder Charlene Marie Samuel was forced to close her doors by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the gated community. […]

‘Behind the Glass Wall’ Catches Autism on Film

Mumbai, India — Award-winning filmmaker Arunaraje Patil captured the world of children with autism on an 80-minute documentary film entitled “Behind the Glass Wall”. Originally conceptualized as a short film to be produced for a charity that provides workshops for children on the autism spectrum, “Behind the Glass Wall” was born after Patil observed during […]

Individuals with autism failed by current health system – Royal College of GP’s

UK  – Nikki Fox who is the  health corespondent for the BBC, has highlighted the impact upon parents who care for a child on the autism spectrum. In the short video shown below, she talks to a mother of a child with autism. This mother describes h0w her son, when only a baby, would stand […]

Milford autism center to acquire larger premises

Milford, OH – A local autism center will be closing down in order to open a larger facility specifically designed to accommodate young adults on the spectrum. Julie Smith, founder of the center, recently decided to shut its doors when she realized that it was no longer able to meet the needs of the individuals […]

Daniel Wolff runs in great grandfather’s footsteps

Lost Angeles, CA – Daniel Wolff, grate grandson of Fredrick “Freddie” Wolff is flying from the UK to complete in the Special Olympics most grand event The World Games. Daniel is only 1 out of the 100 representing his country on August 2, 2015. The event will take place across 28 venues including Memorial Coliseum […]

Pure Visions studio helps artists with autism develop their talent

New York, NY – A local art studio has provided over 40 young artists on the autism spectrum with the opportunity to develop their artistic skills and share their work with the public. Developed by Shield Institute in 2002, Pure Visions is a specially designed studio that serves as a creative outlet providing those on the […]

Kurt Timothy Reid receives Developmental Disabilities Award

NORTH DAKOTA – The Jack B. Hefner Award from the North Carolina Council on Development Disabilities was awarded to Kurt Timothy Reid of Maiden, North Carolina. Reid started his passion for learning when he was part of a self contained classroom for children with learning disabilities when he entered kindergarten. His teacher recognized his passion […]

Chris Goodchild – Autism is a Painful Gift

The BBC Health news site states that there are nearly half a million adults in the UK with undiagnosed autism. The Royal College of GPs have now  launched a training programme that aims to raise the awareness of autism and to help in the improvement of  diagnosis. In a short interview with the BBC,Chris Goodchild […]

NGO and Justice Ministry launch logo for individuals with intellectual disabilities

Tel Aviv, Israel – A new logo designed for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities has been unveiled in a joint initiative between a local non-profit organization and the Justice Ministry. The logo is intended to serve as a nationally recognized symbol and will thus assist those with various intellectual impairments when they are out […]