Mexican man with Aspergers wins the right to make his own decisions

A 25 year old man with an Aspergers diagnosis has won the right to make his own decisions regarding his life free from parental consent. Ricardo Aldair took his case to the Supreme Court, as under Mexican law, he was did not have the right to make key decisions about his future. Under Mexican law, […]

Women With Asperger’s Share Experiences

Statistics show that males are four times more likely to receive an autism diagnosis than females. While there is strong evidence to suggest that males are more likely to develop autism, many females with ASD go diagnosed. Yesterday we reported on one British woman, Olley Edwards, who wrote a book to help other young women growing […]

Tory MP told man with Asperger’s Syndrome not to comment on public affairs due to his mental health issues.

Guto Bebb, who is a Tory MP for Aberconwy, North Wales, told Dylan Barlow’ 27, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, not to comment on public affairs issues due to his mental illness. The Mirror claims that the MP dismissed  Asperger’s syndrome as a “sob story” in a series of emails to Mr Barlow, who had raised issues […]

Autism Linked to ‘Male Hormones’

New research – claims that exposure to high levels of “male” hormones in the womb can increase the chance of a baby boy developing autism. The study adds to earlier research indicating that autism is linked to prenatal developments. Researchers at the University of Cambridge and  Statens Serum Institute in Copenhagen used Danish medical records in samples of 19,500 amniotic-fluid identified of […]

Asperger organizations in Spain promote International Asperger’s Day

Today, Februray 18th is International Asperger’s Day. The event first created in 2007 aims to highlight the significance of Asperger syndrome for both society and individuals.  It also marks the 70th anniversary of the publication by Hans Asperger. Today we celebrate the work being done in Spain to raise awareness. Talking with Faro de Vigo   María Carmen Lores Torres, Asperga […]

Autistic child who voted out of class is now thriving 6 years on

West Palm Beach, Florida – 2008, Alex Barton who has Asperger Syndrome was voted out of his class. He had been sent to the Principal’s office for disrupting the class and on his return the teacher asked the class to vote on whether he should be allowed to stay. The children decided to vote him […]

Jessica Katherine Ouderkirk’s school project on autism – touching others

New York, USA – Jessica Katherine Ouderkirk  a senior in High School recently took her presentation on the Autism Spectrum Disorder to various classes for two weeks as part of an Autism Awareness Project. She then decided to load it on to You Tube. Jessica’s decided to create another video which covered her own personal […]

Autism and the Desire and the Difficulties of Romance

It can be hard, and maybe counterproductive, to admit to a desire that seems impossible to fulfill. Jerry Newport found out from watching “Rain Man” at the movie theatre and saying the answer to a hard math equation before Babbitt the rain man did, that he had Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism generally characterized […]

Olley Edwards on ‘Why Aren’t Normal People Normal?’

What is it really like to grow up as a young woman with Asperger Syndrome? Olley Edwards, a UK born actress, model and mother to three young girls decided to use her own experiences to help others. Olley, herself has Asperger Syndrome and two of her daughters are on the autistic spectrum. Honey was diagnosed […]

Do the “ASD” characters on television adequately reflect the reality of autism?

In North America the new season of television series has begun and autism awareness is bound to increase. Jenny McCarthy, a strong public figure who believes that vaccination causes autism, debuted on The View this past Monday. Autism Daily Newscast first reported on the controversy of her appointment as talk show host last July and the […]