New Survey Highlights Autistic Children Face a High Level of Bullying in Hertfordshire Schools

The Hertfordshire branch of the National Autistic Society (HARC) Hertfordshire, UK – survey carried out in the local area asked parents their opinions about school provision for their autistic children. The Comet 24 reports that: “59 per cent of respondents said they had been bullied.” It was also reported that 1 in 10 parents found […]

New ‘Highland Autism Improvement Group’ Launched in Scotland

The Highlands, Scotland – Singer Susan Boyle 52 who revealed this week that she has recently been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome has inspired a new Autism group entitled ‘Highland Autism Improvement Group.’ Jenna Conti reports in Highland News that local experts say that late diagnosis is not uncommon with many individuals being the victims of […]

Man who FBI claim is the ‘largest facilitator of child porn on the planet.’ has trial delayed due to recent Asperger’s diagnosis

Ireland – A recent article published on the Breaking website told of how a 30-year-old man from Dublin, who has both Irish and US citizenship, is fighting extradition from Ireland to the United States over charges that have been made with regards to website images that depict the rape and torture of pre-pubescent children. […]

Jo Redman, young patron of Anna Kennedy Online talks openly about being bullied for Anti Bullying Week

‘Most people would walk straight past me in the street and never imagine that I am a three times kickboxing world champion, just like they would never guess I have Asperger’s Syndrome.’ In a recent article published on Anna Kennedy Online Jo Redman 27 a 3x World Kickboxing Champion who has Asperger’s Syndrome spoke openly […]

Autistic artist Grand Manier “coolages” recycled puzzle pieces

Profiles in Brief – Grant Manier’s “quirky behaviors” created a business Grant Manier is an 18 year old young man who is using his talent as an artist to fund raise for the school that made a difference for him. Westview School in Houston is a private school for autistic children where his mother works […]

Rare subtype of Asperger’s Syndrome explored as reason for sensational violent criminal behaviour

An evidence based study published in the Journal of Current Psychiatry on October 3, explores the relationship between a rare sub-type of Asperger’s Syndrome and extreme violent acts that have occurred over the past few years. The study, undertaken by Mohammad Ghaziuddin, MD and Professor of Psychiatry at Michigan University asks the question if violent behaviours […]

Scott Robertson Advocates for Autistic Adults

Scott Robertson has always known that he was different. He had difficulty making friends at school. Other kids made fun of him for the odd way he had trouble holding his arm steady when raising his hand in class, calling him names like “retard.” Another boy once told him that he was so weird he […]

How would you explain to a child that they have autism?

  How do you explain to your child that they are autistic? What is the ‘correct’ age and how should it be done? This is a subject that many parents have difficulty with, the knowing of ‘how’ and ‘when’ to tell your child. There are however resources and information available to help parents with these […]

Interview with Gonzalo W Benard, author of The Sacred Book of G

Gonzalo W. Bénard is an artist, curator and published writer, “The Sacred Book of G” is his fourth published book, his previous books have all been about his passion of photography. This book is a collection of ‘memoirs and philosophy through an autistic mind.’ Gonzalo is on the autistic spectrum. The information on Gonzalo’s website […]

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Update – Daryl Hannah opens up about her life with autism

In an interview with The Australian Woman’s Weekly this week, Daryl Hannah spoke candidly about her life growing up with Asperger’s syndrome. Ms Hannah who is now 54, is known for her star Hollywood roles in films such as Splash with Tom Hanks, Blade Runner and Kill Bill, to name but a few. In her […]