UK eleven year old Aspergers boy competes for Christmas number one

Buckinghamshire, UK – A schoolboy with Aspergers who’s mother hadn’t heard him sing until last year is vying for the UK chart’s top spot with a song he composed himself. He sung for the first time at last year’s school Christmas concert and blew his audience away. Fynnjan Leach-Verhoeven penned the song from tunes that […]

Mexican man with Aspergers wins the right to make his own decisions

A 25 year old man with an Aspergers diagnosis has won the right to make his own decisions regarding his life free from parental consent. Ricardo Aldair took his case to the Supreme Court, as under Mexican law, he was did not have the right to make key decisions about his future. Under Mexican law, […]

Autism Research: August 11 2013 Week in Review

It has been an active week for research related to autism. As reported earlier this week. Autism Daily Newscast reported on Thursday, a new scientific study found distinct similarities between symptoms of anorexia nervosa sufferers and those diagnosed with Autism.  In addition, Autism Daily Newscast reported research that showed differences in the functioning of brains […]

Autism today in South Korea and related Social Attitudes

According to a recent study, the prevalence of autism amongst children in South Korea is estimated to be 2.64% of the population of school age children. This can be defined as a high figure from a medical-social perspective, where the highest rates have been in the US were the statistics are usually cited as 1.8% […]

Recent study shows correlation between rise of ASD-related Internet searches and Autism

Philadelphia – A recent university study indicates that there is a sizeable and consistent increase of Internet searches pertaining to ASD during Autism Awareness Month. By utilizing Google application software, researchers at Drexel University were able to detect a correlation between the amount of Web searches containing the terms “autism” and “Asperger’s” throughout the month […]

Karen Irvani, Founder of Banbury based ‘Parents Talking Asperger’s’ group

Karen Irvani from Banbury, UK – Founded and is Principle of Parents Talking Asperger’s group. Karen set up the Facebook group in February 2012 and since then it has trebled in size. The first group meeting of 20 people was held in her sitting room. Today there is an average of 60 people attending the […]

Iowa autism bullies defended by parents

Melcher, IA– Parents of bullies who posted online videos of themselves tormenting a 13 year old with Aspergers have defended their children for their actions. Children from Dallas-Melcher Community school posted upsetting videos showing Leon Null being ridiculed and physically hit by fellow pupils, this was reported by on November 18. The children have since […]

Study reveals link between autism and synaesthesia

Researchers from Cambridge University led by Professor of Developmental Psychopathology Simon Baron-Cohen have found a link between the condition Synaesthesia to autism. Synaesthesia is a condition which present in individuals causing them to taste or see colours when presented with a specific word. A person with synaesthesia could see a colour for a specific place name, […]

Interview with author Kevin Berry on his new book ‘Stim’

‘Robert is different. He has Asperger’s Syndrome. He experiences the world differently to 99% of the population. Follow his entertaining and highly empathetic story as he struggles to realise and accept who he really is, try to understand other people – which he cannot – and find a girlfriend. Especially find a girlfriend – he’s […]

11 year old with asperger raising funds with Christmas song

Buckinghamshire, England – The Spirit Of Christmas in final stages for release. Today is a big day for 11 year old Fynnjan Leach-Verhoeven. On Monday he got together with his old Y6 friends (most who go to different schools this year) to practice “The Spirit Of Christmas” for the film shoot and today they go into […]